Kanto’s bike shop is connected to Team Rocket

Since the start of the Pokemon franchise, the bike has been an important staple in nearly every main series game. However, this first bike in Pokemon Red and Blue was by far the hardest to get, costing a ridiculous 1,000,000 Poké Dollars with no special voucher.

Given that every other bike in the series has been completely free to the player, could there have been some secret reason why this first bike was so disproportionately expensive? Fan theories, such as the one that the Pokemon world is a post-apocalyptic future, are extremely common among fans. One of these fan theories claims that the original Bike Shop may have been a secret front for Team Rocket’s criminal empire.

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In the original version Pokemon Red and Blue and their remakes, players can find the Bike Shop in Cerulean City, the home of fan-favorite gym leader Misty and her family. Here, the store owner offers to sell the player a bike for 1,000,000 Poké Dollars, an impossible feat given that the game caps out at 999,999. Instead, to get a bike, players must continue to Vermillion City and find the Pokémon Fan Club, where the president will give them a voucher for a free bike. Since the Pokémon fan club president gives up the good bike after only a short conversation with the player, it’s safe to assume that the good one was easy and cheap for him. It’s a bit odd to give a random 10-year-old an expensive item out of the blue, after all.

Additionally, the bikes are given to players for free in every subsequent game in which they appear. In some games players receive the bike as a gift after winning a battle, while in others players can simply walk into a bike shop and receive one. In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the bike shop owner even gives the player a choice of two types of bikes, with the open invitation to swap them out whenever they feel like it. Moreover, in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2a clown stands on a street corner and gives free bikes to anyone who stops to talk to them.

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If bikes are so easy and cheap to get everywhere else in the Pokémon world, and even bike vouchers don’t seem so rare in the Kanto region, it begs the question of why the first bike shop had prices. as high. Some fans think Team Rocket is the answer.

Team Rocket, creators of the almighty Mewtwo, had a tight grip on the Kanto region during the time of Pokemon Red and Blue. The crime squad had hideouts spread across multiple regions, and it’s already canon that at least two of them are hidden behind commercial facades: the hideout behind the Celadon City Game Corner and another behind a small shop in Mahogany. Town.

Because bikes are so abundant in the Pokémon world, it could easily be that Team Rocket is using this first bike shop for money laundering or some other criminal enterprise. For example, someone with ties to Team Rocket could walk into the store to buy a bike for 1,000,000 Poké Dollars, providing an official, legitimate transaction record for that money. To allay suspicion, Team Rocket could also distribute free bike vouchers to reach average citizens who actually need a bike. Given that Team Rocket was inspired by real-life organized crime stories, and trade fronts were often said to have been used by such groups, this theory isn’t particularly hard to believe.

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