‘Lack of Support’ Shutters 2022 North American Handmade Bicycle Show; The show ‘MADE’ will start in 2023

The showcase of bike frame builders and their craft continues a streak of bad luck. But there is hope on the horizon.

Organizers canceled this year’s North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) on July 20. The announcement upended nearly a year of anticipation for her post-pandemic comeback.

The main organizer, Don Walker, announced the cancellation of the event on Wednesday on the group Facebook page. Walker said a “surprisingly low number of commitments” from exhibitors led to the decision.

“While this lack of support is disappointing, we understand that exponentially rising costs, travel uncertainties, supply chain challenges and pandemic fears may have contributed to these business decisions,” Walker said. in the post. “Whatever the reasons, we cannot escape the conclusion that this year it is commercially impossible to put on the kind of show you are used to and expect from us.”

Erik Noren, Peacock Groove; (photo/NAHBS)

Organizers had scheduled the event for September 23-25 ​​at the National Western Complex in Denver. Its cancellation means it’s the third year in a row without the NAHBS. The COVID-19 pandemic prevented the show from taking place in 2020 and 2021.

Then Walker announced in October last year that the show would finally return in 2022 – now, sadly, to no avail.

2023 brings a new show ‘MADE’, the return of NAHBS

Looking ahead, 2023 could finally herald the triumphant return of the handmade bicycle fervor. To support this segment of the industry, ECHOS Communications, a public relations company active in the field of outdoor lifestyle, told GearJunkie that it will launch a handmade bicycle show next year called “MADE ” in Portland.

“ECHOS has had the pleasure of working directly with a myriad of manufacturers and domestically produced cycling products over the past decade,” ECHOS Vice President Billy Sinkford told GearJunkie. “We are honored and excited to begin this new journey to support and uplift the Hand community.”

No further details on MADE have been released, but GearJunkie has confirmed that more information will be available soon.

At its last event in 2019, NAHBS included at least 18 awards for exhibitors, including Best Artisan Bike, People’s Choice and, of course, Best In Show. When Walker canceled the event on Wednesday, exhibitors left more than a dozen comments expressing their dismay at the turn of events.

Walker said NAHBS will continue next year, with a promised return to Denver.

“We waited as long as we reasonably could before making this difficult call in hopes that more exhibitors would decide to attend. We plan to return to Denver in 2023 with a show designed for our rapidly changing industry,” Walker wrote. “If you are among the exhibitors who have committed to attend this year’s show, you have my deepest appreciation and gratitude.”

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