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SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, Aug. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Round is the first Web3 app combining move2earn and ride2earn Web3 that integrates Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements. Round builds an ecosystem where users are equipped with NFT Sneakers and Bikes. Through this app, users earn a token by walking, jogging, running outdoors or biking, which can be used in the app or cashed in for profit. The application is developed to make every moment count and allow users to earn maximum money. Burning calories on one side and earning round coins on the other is an exchange of diamonds to earn money and win with a race.

With Game-Fi, Round aims to inspire millions of people to lead healthier lifestyles, fight climate change, and connect audiences to Web 3.0 while simultaneously leveraging its Social-Fi aspect to create a stable platform supporting user-generated Web 3.0 content. There are two game modes in the ecosystem which are Ride2Earn and Move2Earn. Users generate RND revenue by simply logging into the app and starting to use the ordered or staked Sneakers or Bike NFTs.

The mastermind behind this fascinating idea is Armani, the CEO of Rounds. At first it was Armani’s idea, but when she discussed it with young entrepreneur and technologist Omar and Daniel. Its initiation has started, the application is in development and the beta version will soon be available on iOS and the Play Store. Omar is the CTO along with Daniel, the CFO of this energetic young team of entrepreneurs – Round, a crypto-based web3 lifestyle app.

Round’s main goal is to make physical activity more fun and rewarding. While financial incentives through blockchain gamification represent a fantastic opportunity to achieve this, user experience remains our priority. ROUND aims to be a game changer and turn the narrative towards Move & Ride to Earn. Additionally, the cycle aims to foster healthy habits for our community and encourage long-term adherence to a balanced and active lifestyle by disguising exertion.

The following simple steps are required to start earning from RoundRound

Download the Round app

Sign up for the round

Create a new wallet

Buy RND tokens and transfer RND to the in-app wallet

Buy a bike or a trainer

After buying a bike or sneakers, the Round journey begins immediately.

The launch of the show is approaching during the pink sale and will initially launch on Binance Smart Chain from Sunday, August 21, 2022 at 17:00 UTC.

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