Law roundup: Neighbor not happy with campers

People living in an RV parked in a resident’s driveway for several months reportedly became too comfortable for a neighbor’s comfort when the Kalispell Police Department received a complaint about individuals urinating in the yard and arguing a lot. Officers informed the neighbor that no crime had been committed if the resident had people in the RV on their private property and told him to call if they were acting disorderly.

A client in her 30s, who had red hair in a ponytail, was allegedly ballistic over a missing check in the mail and started screaming and pulling stuff out of her purse while threatening to kill a employee. She then drove around the parking lot, got into a vehicle and drove off. The employee called the police, asking them to bar her from the property rather than press charges of assault or disorderly behavior. She wanted to report employees for stealing her mail and was directed to the postal inspector to file a complaint.

A thief reportedly left behind a knife, lever and soda after breaking through a business window and stealing computers, golf items and tools.

A man wearing an oversized camouflage jacket allegedly shouted profanities as he walked down a sidewalk.

The registered owners of the vehicles reported as abandoned are said to have scratched tickets.

A man on a bicycle was hit by a vehicle.

A large truck with “Not for Rent” written on the side was said to have sat in a residential area for days without any activity. He was stuck with 72 hours notice to move out.

Store security called the police for help with a male shoplifter who officers issued a citation and released.

Two German shepherds and a black dog were dining on a dead animal in the middle of the road.

A woman called police after her vehicle was reportedly hit on the side of the road where she was arrested helping someone get her dogs back to their car on the highway.

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