League recognizes 33 schools with bike-friendly college award

Since the pandemic began, colleges and universities across the country have risen to the challenge of keeping campus life thriving through innovation and resilience. Today, the League is proud to recognize that dedication by honoring 33 institutions with a Bicycle Friendly University (BFU) award and three institutions with an honorable mention. With this announcement, there are now 222 bike-friendly universities in 47 states and the District of Columbia.

“I’m thrilled to celebrate 33 new bike-friendly universities that are renewing themselves and helping to fuel the movement to build a bike-friendly America for all,” said Bill Nesper, Executive Director of the League of American Cyclists. “On many campuses, bikes are just another way to get around, but at bike-friendly universities, we’ve found that students, faculty and staff are encouraged to think beyond the usefulness of bikes. as a means of transportation, genuinely valuing their ability to support healthier living, safer and more connected campus life.This series of BFUs not only allows people to ride bicycles on campus, but implements policies, programs and infrastructure improvements that encourage people to drive less and cycle more for their health and the planet.

Institutions named honorable mentions make efforts to meet the needs of cyclists on their campuses, and those who receive an award show significant progress by investing time and resources to make their campuses more welcoming to cyclists. In this round, four institutions rose through the ranks of previous honorable mentions to win their first BFU awards, which rose through the ranks, including Western Washington University and New York University, both of which received a level award. silver, as well as the University of San Francisco and the University of Albany, both of which received a bronze-level award.

Six current BFUs move from Bronze to Silver designation with this announcement, and one campus, Indiana University Bloomington, moves from Silver to Gold.

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