Lightning is developing an ADV electric motorcycle to join re…

Designs for a new electric adventure model developed by American company Lightning Motorcycles have emerged in what appears to be the long-awaited follow-up to the niche sportbike Strike.

The California-based company was founded in 2006, but would go on to make a big impact on the burgeoning electric motorcycle segment with the launch of the LS-218 in 2012.

Boasting a top speed of 218 mph, the LS-218 is considered the fastest electric motorcycle in the world and one of the fastest production models, including ICE models.

Now, after a decade on sale, the launch of just one other new model in the Strike – a more affordable and less powerful sport bike – it looks like Lightning is moving on to the next phase of a range extension with a new tourer. of adventure, according to these images.

Appearing at the National Intellectual Property Administration of China, the “drawings” are rather graphic designs subject to patent, making it difficult to gauge how far the development of this new untitled model is.

Either way, even beyond the time lapse between the Strike and this new model, it’s a bold move to target the adventure market with an electric powertrain.

Indeed, while Energica has recently shown that electric and long-distance sport tourers can mix, there are no dedicated full-size electric adventure motorcycles on the market.

While the slightly grainy images shown on don’t give too many details in terms of size and target segment, the design with its thick bodywork and beaked front suggests it will be developed for off-road use quite serious. .

A taller seat, longer fork tubes and tall handlebars are also visible, while the battery replaces the large capacity fuel hump familiar from petrol counterparts.

While decals showing ‘Dakar’ hint at a potential name for this mysterious model, it’s unclear when the American firm hopes to put it on sale.

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