Lightning Motorcycles Unveils Electric Bonneville Superbike With Niobium Technology

Lightning Motorcycles has unveiled its new Bonneville Electric Superbike: Tachyon Nb. Tachyon Nb is developed using Niobium technology and combines extremely high performance and innovation to aim to break the world land speed record and break the 250 mph (400 km/h) mark.

Lightning has partnered with Brazilian company CBMM, a world leader in Niobium products and technology (previous article), on superbike materials.

The use of niobium in the mobility industry can lead to many benefits such as weight reduction and greater fuel efficiency, directly contributing to vehicle safety.

For this year’s collaboration, we are implementing niobium-containing brake rotors to improve high-temperature performance, multiple niobium components in the on-board charger that enable the whole system to be more reliable and efficient, and finally steel tubes containing niobium in the swing. arm and frame that allows us to meet the strength and weight requirements of the application.

— Daniel Wright, CBMM engineer and project development manager

Tachyon Nb will hit the road to surpass the performance of its predecessor, the LS-218, in some of America’s most iconic “speed havens.” This includes the El Mirage Desert and the Bonneville Salt Flats.

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