Living with an electric bike: My Priority Current e-bike

The price of the bike is $3,299 and they offered free shipping.

BHPian mobike008 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Waiting for my dream EV on 4 wheels to arrive:

I thought about buying a 2 wheel version to find out how it rides, feels and most importantly live with it. Last week I brought home one of the most popular e-bikes here in the US – Priority Current


  • High quality components (looks like an Apple/Tesla e-bike)
  • Excellent performance with a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h)
  • The design is clean, traditional and timeless
  • The digital display is packed with features
  • Smooth and quiet to drive

Do not like

  • Autonomy is disappointing which is around 35 miles (55 kms)
  • The optional throttle would have been nice at this price
  • The seat is not comfortable. Need to find solutions to make it comfortable for long journeys
  • Tight turns are a challenge as he likes wide lazy

Some pictures by a lake on the path behind the house.


Due to the pandemic, I gained weight significantly and since then have struggled to lose weight.

I realized that it was not possible to go on a diet and get away from good food and good drinks, because apart from my favorite slogan “Live to Drive”, I also go through “Live to Eat”

Which means I need to increase the calorie burn. By the way, the gym is not for me, I hate being confined to a room and pumping weights.

So I decided to try what most PNW’er do – Hike + Bike

Washington as a state is extremely active for outdoor activities. Normally, on weekends, people go to the cinema, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. Here in WA, people plan hikes, camping, bike trips, etc. And the craze is such that most hiking trails and campsites are usually full several weeks in advance. . Parking on the trails is really difficult if you arrive late morning. All this excitement is right up my alley.

I was thrilled to see the awesome enthusiasm and some inspiring posts (local bands) about hiking and biking and decided to try both. By the way, Redmond, Washington is known as the “biking capital of PNW”, in addition to the fact that Washington is the 3rd most populist bicycling state in the United States.

I tried both. (We’ll leave hiking out of this thread as I plan to make a thread dedicated to hiking (I’ve done 3 so far and, it got me hooked like horseback riding).

What added to the decision making was the discovery “after” the purchase of our new home that we have a 40 mile trail 300 yards from our front door.

I bought a cheap $175 regular bike to practice biking on this beautiful trail behind the house.

Over the past few months I’ve cycled intermittently and the highest I’ve ridden was 6.5 miles in one ride. Even that distance was a huge effort as the last 1-2 miles would be strenuous since my stamina and weight are in hell.

But, overall, the bike as an exercise routine was phenomenal and the best way to enjoy the outdoors here while contributing to better health.

If I’m going to love cycling I knew I had to settle for an e-bike as it would help me cycle like a normal bike and when I’m tired use the electric assist to get home – Kill two birds with one stone, then like to talk.!

After about 3 months of practice on this bike, I decided to get an electric bike with the help and advice of competent people.

Some pics of my regular bike that I’ve enjoyed riding over the past few months

All these photos come from walks on the trail behind the house.

Helmeted up and ready to go.

Parked @home

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