Lyft redesigns its electric bike with integrated screen and speakers

Lyft’s e-bikes across the US are getting a boost.

Unveiled on Wednesday, Lyft’s next-generation e-bike has a new look with an LCD screen and built-in speakers, a bigger battery, and a wider, easier-to-adjust seat. Lyft designed the bike in-house after acquiring bikeshare company Motivate in 2018.

Motivate had bike programs like Bay Wheels in San Francisco and Citi Bike in New York, which Lyft continued to operate with the same bikes as before the acquisition. But the new bike design incorporates some distinct Lyft features, like the mustache pattern on the handlebar grip if you look closely.

A new look.
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The pandemic has been a boon for two-wheeled riding. pedal-assist bicycles.

E-bikers can expect a longer lasting battery (up to 60 miles), which means fewer battery swaps and less charging time. The electric motor is also more powerful than the predecessor with 500 watts, which makes it easier to use an electric boost for climbing hills and in difficult terrain.

The display and speaker will show how to unlock, park and use the bike, as well as battery information and how far you have travelled.


It’s a pain to own an e-scooter. I prefer to continue renting, even in times of a pandemic.

On the safety front, Lyft has added an illuminated LED light ring for better visibility at night (of course, that’s Lyft’s signature pink color), as well as retroreflective paint that glows like a road sign. in darkness. Sensors keep an eye on the brakes, battery and engine to see if something is not working properly.

Keep the pink.

Keep the pink.
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Trial bikes will start appearing on Lyft’s Bay Wheels bike share program in the Bay Area next week for the public to try out. After a feedback period, the new bikes will first go on Lyft’s Divvy bike-sharing system in Chicago later this year.

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