Manufacturer of First Low-Cost Electric Bike Lectric XP Adds New Industry Manager, Increases Production

Phoenix-based Lectric eBikes made a name for itself in its two short years of existence thanks to the company’s great success, the Lectric XP electric bicycle. Now, the garage startup that has grown into a massive e-bike brand is getting an old-school boost with the hiring of industry insider Jeff Frehner as the new COO.

Frehner joined Lectric eBikes after serving as a former executive at Saris Cycling Group and Dorel Sports (owner of brands like Cannondale, Pacific Cycle and Schwinn).

In addition to extensive industry experience running successful cycling brands, Frehner holds a Juris Doctorate and previously served as General Counsel to leading bicycle parts supplier QBP.

Lectric eBikes CEO and Co-Founder Levi Conlow described how adding Frehner to the team would benefit the rapidly growing e-bike business:

“We are fortunate to have Jeff joining our team at a critical point in our business lifecycle, with nearly 100,000 bikes on the road in less than two years. Jeff’s deep connections in the industry and his experience building successful teams will help Lectric continue to offer the most accessible e-bikes on the market. He shares our vision, which is to get as many people as possible to ride a bike. Beyond his execution strengths, his seasoned leadership and industry knowledge will be invaluable to a young and growing company.

Lectric eBikes began with the typical origin story of a garage startup in the summer of 2019. We followed Conlow and his childhood friend Robby Deziel pooled their resources to launch the nascent brand of bikes. electric.

When their original prototype didn’t quite get the warm welcome they hoped for, they borrowed the funds to try again with a new kind of electric bike. That’s when the $ 899 Fat Tire Lectric XP Folding Electric Bike was born.

With Class 3 speeds of up to 28 mph (45 km / h) and a price that broke new ground in accessibility, the Lectric XP was an instant hit.

We took a look at one of the early versions of the bike and came away very impressed. While not the fanciest or highest quality electric bike, it offered good specs at a great price.

Today, the company has sold over 100,000 e-bikes and is counting as it rushed to increase production. The company has already seen a 500% increase in manufacturing since last summer, as the entire e-bike industry rides the wave of rising e-bike adoption rates powered by by the pandemic.

The company recently unveiled a new version of the electric bike that improved on many shortcomings of the original, such as the addition of suspensions and a more agile design.

The price was increased to $ 999 with the launch of version 2.0, but the e-bike is still considered one of the best budget models in the business, especially in its category of fat-tire folding electric bike.

Now the company is focused on increasing its hires as it sets its sights on the real big dogs of the North American electric bike industry.

Hires like Frehner show that Lectric eBikes is looking for respected industry leaders to bolster its garage start-up philosophy.

As the electric bike industry continues to grow, we might see even more mix of these powerful players on the horizon.

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