Mod Easy Sidecar electric bike carries a passenger in a fun way

Just when you thought you’d seen it all in the e-bike industry, here’s an e-bike that makes you say, “Hmmm, now I love it.” It’s called the Mod Easy SideCar, and that’s exactly what it sounds like: a retro-themed e-bike with a working sidecar.

Created by Mod Bikes, an e-bike company based in Austin, TX, offering many styles of e-bikes, this sidecar model is definitely the most eye-catching.

The bike is available in army green or charcoal black, depending on what kind of vibe you’re after. It also rolls on 24-inch rims with 3-inch-wide tires, which helps control the size while providing a good ride.

Regardless of the color, it’s pretty hard to miss the vintage vibe, although the bike sports plenty of modern amenities as well.

Components such as hydraulic disc brakes, LED lighting, LCD display, password protected unlocking, reflective sidewall tires and a suspension seatpost all help add a modern touch to complete the retro-inspired aluminum frame and leatherette accents.

On the performance side, the bike may be heavy at 153.5 pounds (69.6 kg), but it still tops out at 28 mph (45 km/h). That puts it firmly in Class 3 e-bike territory.

Removing the sidecar would reduce the weight to a more manageable 88 pounds (40 kg), but why would you want to do that?

Just keep in mind that it’s probably not a good idea to go 45 km/h with the sidecar installed. In fact, Mod Bikes recommends not exceeding 10 mph (16 km/h) with the sidecar on, although the likely manifest of pets, children and wives in the sidecar may have something to do with this recommended lower speed.

The sidecar has a weight capacity of 120 pounds (54 kg), and the bike also has a rear rack rated at 55 pounds (25 kg), so you should be able to carry plenty of gear (or one person more small and a decent amount of gear). There’s even a nice little seat belt in the sidecar, helping to strap down your passenger.

The Mod East Sidecar draws its power from a 750W rear geared hub motor that delivers 1050 watts of peak power.

A 48V, 15Ah battery powers it with juice, offering a capacity of 720 Wh.

The 8.5 lb (3.8 kg) battery is lockable and removable for charging off the bike. If you live in a three-story building and don’t want to drag this bike up the stairs, this will be a nice feature. For the 99% of people who park the bike in a garage, they’ll probably leave the battery on the bike.

The battery claims a range of “up to 45 miles” or around 72 kilometres, but don’t expect to get that kind of range when flying at 28 mph (45 km/h). It’s either the super-slow throttle range or the easy-going pedal-assist range. But with a bike this good looking, it might be worth going slow to savor all the stares you’ll get from people along the way.

The Mod Easy Sidecar Electric Bike is priced at $4,190. There is a non-sidecar version for $3,290, but you know you want the sidecar.

Shipping is free (or rather included in the price), which is good since this thing certainly doesn’t fit in the eco-sized envelope at the post office.

This bike looks so cool, I’ll have to get my hands on it for a review. But until then, I want to know what you think of the Mod Easy Sidecar electric bike. Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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