More cycling inquiries as gas prices rise in Manitoba

High gas prices continue to be felt across Canada, including Manitoba, and this is now prompting some to seek alternative modes of transportation.

A Winnipeg bike shop said people are already learning about the two-wheeled mode of transportation as a way to save money.

“We’re entering our busy season but earlier this week (people had) questions specifically about e-bikes and just people (entering) and kind of citing the rising cost of fuel and looking for other modes of transportation,” said Brett Zagozewski, director of Bikes and Beyond.

Zagozewski noted that the cycling industry has grown in popularity over the past decade and has seen a dramatic increase during the pandemic.

“Industry experts are still saying there’s a few years of growth ahead of us. And there’s still a lot of pending supply. So that’s going to kind of keep the interest in the industry going.”

He said that right now his store is well stocked, but summer might be a different situation and he expects supplies to become an issue.

It encourages people to plan ahead.

Zagozewski also hopes people will continue to ride the bike once they try it, even after gas prices drop.

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