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For a 13-year-old, Kenadie Neelan can ride BMX bikes better than some adults.

Neelan competed in the USA BMX Grand Nationals competition November 24-28 and finished third in the girls cruiser division 11-12. She also finished eighth out of the total of 12 expert riders on the girls’ side.

Nicknamed “The Machine”, Neelan has been running since the age of three. She races in three different series: the State Series where she is ranked second on class bikes and first on cruiser bikes. The Gold Cup Series – which is more regional than the State Series – where she placed first in class and second on cruisers, and the National Series where she raced in the Grand Nationals.

A class bike is 20 inches while a cruiser is 24 inches. Last year, Neelan raced in both the 12 girls expert for 20-inch bikes and the 11-12 girls cruiser classes.

Kenadie isn’t the only Neelan running. She has three siblings Abigayle, James and Jack who race and her father Josh also competes.

Abigayle is the older brother who stopped running to devote himself to tennis. Jack is three, the same age Kenadie debuted.

The Neelans live near the Lakes Area BMX track in Barrows, which is one of the reasons the family got into the sport.

“We were sitting at home one day and our son came home from the trail that’s three blocks from our house and said, ‘Dad, there’s a bike here for sale,'” Josh said. “We bought the bike and that’s how we started. Then he would run and the girls would come and watch, and then they wanted to run too. And Kenadie is really passionate about it.

Josh said he was excited when his kids started getting into BMX racing.

“It was fun and our family loves being on the track,” he said. “I’m a member of the racetrack board, so I volunteer many hours a year working on the racetrack. It’s kind of our life. It’s BMX every weekend all summer.

Last year, the Neelans visited 10 different states for races.

“I couldn’t be prouder,” Josh said. “There is a lot of training. Several days a week. It takes four or five days a week all summer.

Kenadie races for the Lethal/Speedco team. She is excited about next year and being united with her racing friends.

“She loves being with her friends,” Josh said. “She has made many lifelong friends on the track. She has always had a natural sense of the track and a passion for racing. It is something she does well.”

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