New Harley Davidson e-bike ad shatters cycling stereotypes

Harley Davidson is releasing a hilarious new ad that also breaks some stereotypes. To promote its high-end e-bike, the ad showed that biking can be more fun than they think. It has a surprising ending that riders can enjoy riding by stepping out of stereotypes about cycling culture.

Image credits – Electrek

The ad comes in alliance with Serial 1, an HD spin-off company. He builds high-end bikes. While Harley Davidson is a slow company, Serial 1 is a fast and nimble startup. There’s no chrome or throttle, just electric motor-assisted pedaling.

Additionally, Serial 1 has partnered with Allies & Co and Bash, a production team to create this extraordinary ad. The comic short “eBike Guru” shows how a new user can fall into the stereotypes of cycling culture. Cycling is often seen as an exercise activity rather than something that can be enjoyed. And this ad says just that. This is an 8 minute video. Below is the video. Greg is a new e-bike owner and quickly falls in love with a cycling snob. It’s about Kathy getting tired of Greg’s antics and then calling e-bike for the helpline. Then the “eBike Guru” comes online over the phone and provides a solution to Greg’s problem.

Electric bike market

The Series 1 definitely came out of left field when it launched just a year ago. Brand manager for Serial Aaron Frank explained how the company’s status as an underdog in the industry meant it had to look for clever ways to get its message across.

“The e-bike market is crowded and chaotic, and content like this is a way to stand out. We wanted to have a little fun and take advantage of our status as outsiders in the cycling industry to create humorous content that could only come from series 1. At the same time, many of our mainstream customers are not cyclists. and don’t. understand that riding a bike is not just about suffering. Electric bikes are the best way to be active, have fun and explore your world on two wheels.

It’s not the first time that Serial 1 has had a little fun in front of the camera. A few weeks ago, the brand created a unique electric bike that looked surprisingly similar to the BMX bike of a certain hit classic by Steven Spielberg. The beautiful e-bike creation was auctioned off for charity, but not before Serial 1 had the chance to shoot an epic video with it.



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