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One Electric Motorcycles and ALT Mobility aim to give confidence to their customers looking for a lifespan of more than 5 years.

New Delhi: ALT Mobility, a market leader in electric utility vehicle rental, has teamed up with One Electric, a Noida-based electric motorcycle manufacturer, to provide high-quality and durable electric motorcycles to its delivery partners of the last mile. Breaking the convention of investing in low-cost assets, ALT Mobility evaluated and boarded One Electric’s “Kridn” motorcycle, positioned as a high-end, high-speed electric two-wheeler for intra-city transportation serving the segments passengers and goods, for its rental portfolio.

By providing quality and powerful vehicles, One Electric Motorcycles and ALT Mobility aim to give confidence to their customers looking for a lifespan of more than 5 years.

Alt Mobility works at the intersection of fintech and electric mobility, creating an ecosystem to unlock access to finance for commercial electric fleets. The company, based at IIT Delhi, works with several OEMs and financial institutions to provide electric vehicles for hire to B2B fleet operators.

One Electric develops vehicles designed for high temperature conditions and rough terrain for southern countries.

Dev Arora, co-founder and CEO of Alt Mobility, said, “With our lessons learned from deploying more than 5,000 electric vehicles on the road in intensive last-mile logistics operations, we believe there is There is a need for reliable vehicles that can meet multiple use cases, maintain high uptime, low maintenance costs and most importantly, vehicles designed for Indian road conditions and extreme temperatures. One Electric offers 2x the speed, durability and performance of existing electric scooters typically used in operations. This represents an opportunity for our fleet partners to improve productivity by delivering more orders over longer distances in shorter lead times with an asset that has a longer lifespan, thereby increasing fleet partner revenue.

One Electric Kridn was designed for rugged use and serves customers in India and Africa for multi-purpose passenger and logistics operations. The company has successfully completed customer trials with major Indian e-commerce companies and received a demand for 50,000 motorcycles in 2023. “Our partnership with One Electric will meet all of the demand received in India, Africa and beyond,” Arorav added citing the company. joint expansion plan.

Gaurav Uppal, Founder and CEO of One Electric Motorcycles, said: “Having established our product in many African markets, we are now confident to provide the most suitable, durable and efficient electric two-wheelers for riders. commercial operations. Our performance not only matches ICE bikes, but also has a longer lifespan than other e-bikes, providing a higher return on investment. So far, we’ve avoided the price-sensitive commercial electric vehicle market, where lowest cost was the primary concern. However, after extensive trials in several cities with ALT mobility, we were able to show them the added value that a quality product will bring. A leading last mile delivery company based in Bengaluru who works closely with ALT, also appreciated our vehicle and validated its performance.

Moving forward with their collaboration, ALT and One Electric are using their collective experience and customer feedback to jointly develop a two-wheeled vehicle, suitable for intra-city deliveries, that combines price, superior technology, durability, comfort and case. for use in logistics operations. . This partnership is also going global in Africa, where ALT Mobility will join One Electric in projects supported by the UN.

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