PA Stalker punches through glass to steal e-bike: police

A 27-year-old Quarryville man wanted for stalking a woman, breaking into a glass door and stealing an electric bike has been taken into custody, authorities said.

Trouble for Brandon Charles Latcheran began around 11 p.m. on Jan. 7 when he showed up uninvited at a house on East Lincoln Avenue in Lititz, trying to find a woman visiting a resident, police said. local.

Before arriving, he sent repeated unwanted text messages to the woman, even after she told him to stop, police said.

He tried to force his way into the house through the back door by kicking it and hitting the glass, which damaged both the door and the glass, authorities said.

Latcheran couldn’t get inside, so he left, taking an electric bicycle with him, police said. The bike was later found abandoned in the yard of another person who lives in the area, Latcheran not found.

A warrant for his arrest was obtained and Latcheran was taken into custody on January 14, after an officer from Lititz found him, police said. He was transported to Lancaster County Central Booking for an immediate preliminary arraignment. He was later released on an unsecured bond of $25,000 and a preliminary hearing was scheduled.

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