Poland’s largest bicycle manufacturer KROSS increases exports by 120%

Poland’s largest bicycle manufacturer KROSS increases exports by 120% per year and continues to expand into European markets in 2022

One in four bikes sold last season in Poland came from the KROSS factory. The company is number 1 in Poland and the Czech Republic and in the top 3 in Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. The strategy assumes that within 4 years, KROSS will be the leader in each of the Central European markets. Exports are increasing and the brand’s bikes are already present in 50 countries around the world. The company owes its spectacular success to the courageous decisions of the board of directors and the commitment of the entire team. KROSS executives saw an opportunity in supply restrictions during the pandemic and, by revamping most of the company’s processes, made the most of the situation.

KROSS is a market leader in the bicycle market in Poland. The company was established in 1990 and produces bicycles in its own factory near Warsaw. It currently produces several hundred thousand units per year. In 2017, the company acquired Dutch brand Multicycle, which offers premium city bikes and high-end e-bikes. KROSS is one of the few manufacturers in Europe to have its own carbon frame production line. Bike designs using carbon frames are developed in close collaboration with athletes from the KROSS ORLEN cycling team, one of the best mountain bike groups in the world. Many years of experience allow us to offer the highest quality bicycles, which are becoming more and more popular, as confirmed by the increase in exports of more than 120% year on year.

KROSS strengthened its position by acknowledging component availability issues in early 2020 and reacting to the situation faster than its competitors. The company redesigned most of its processes on the assumption that the situation would not return to normal after the pandemic. KROSS has prepared a strategy until 2026 and a development vision until 2030. In the next 4 years, KROSS wants to be a leader in each of the Central European markets where the company is present. Exports of KROSS bicycles have increased by 120% year-on-year and the company expects further growth in this area of ​​30-50% per year in the coming years. In 4 years, approximately half of KROSS’ turnover will come from exports.

KROSS is also the largest Polish internet bicycle retailer. The company has just received the prestigious Digital Excellence Award, given annually to leaders in digital transformation. In less than two years, KROSS experts designed the necessary processes from scratch and created an online bicycle sales system that now represents the third sales force of Polish KROSS. The number of bikes purchased online from KROSS has grown from a few hundred units in 2019 to a five-digit value in 2021. Such spectacular success has been possible thanks to well-designed changes and consistent implementation, with the integrated support of the entire KROSS team. By building this sales channel from scratch, the solution is designed based on the latest trends and customer needs. KROSS already plans to increase its presence in this field in foreign markets this year.

“KROSS is a leader in the sale of bicycles in Poland. We offer our customers recreational, performance, city and mountain bicycles, but we also focus on producing high-quality electric bicycles, which will conquer the market. We are the undisputed leader in the sale of bicycles on the Internet. Thanks to the commitment of our e-commerce team, KROSS has built in two years the number one solution for online sales through its own channel and has reached a leading position in sales via marketplace platforms. We have significantly redesigned our internal process and organization. Today, our e-commerce is highly appreciated by consumers,” says Filip Wojciechowski, CEO of KROSS.

The years 2020 and 2021 have brought a huge boom for bicycles all over the world. The pandemic and mobility restrictions have caused many people to switch to cycling. This way, it’s safe to get to work, and on top of that, cycling is a great way to be active with the whole family, which is crucial in times of a pandemic. Many cities in Europe immediately followed the needs of their inhabitants. We have seen an acceleration in the construction of cycle paths, or the creation of cycle paths where there used to be vehicle traffic. As a result, consumers have been flooding bike shops since 2020. Polish KROSS not only anticipated increased customer interest, but also correctly diagnosed supply chain issues. By rebuilding its processes and contracts with suppliers, it is the only Polish manufacturer able to deliver bicycles at a level exceeding 90% of orders. The company is constantly expanding its range of leisure bikes for the whole family and expanding the number of e-bike models. It is this segment that is becoming the future of transport.

KROSS is the market leader in bicycles in Poland. The company was established in 1990 and its portfolio includes electric, recreational and competitive mountain bikes, as well as the Le Grand city bike brand. The brand’s bicycles, based on proprietary solutions and innovative technologies, are manufactured in a modern production facility in Przasnysz near Warsaw. KROSS, as one of the few companies in Europe, is also developing the production of carbon frames. In 2017, the company acquired Dutch brand Multicycle, with a range of premium city bikes and high-end e-bikes. Today, KROSS products are distributed in nearly fifty countries. In terms of sports sponsorship, the company is the title sponsor of the KROSS ORLEN cycling team, one of the best mountain bike groups in the world. KROSS celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2020. The founder and owner of the company is Zbigniew Sosnowski.

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