Police seize illegal e-bike spotted going uphill at 30mph; Director greets crowded bike sheds at start of term; Bike Path News; Flood damage; escalation; Paralympic history; Ineos signs young talents; New equipment; Rewards and more on the live blog

Robin Bevan, the headmaster of Southend High School for Boys, triumphantly shared this picture of the scene in his school’s expanded bike shed on the first day of a new term. The lockers were full, and Bevan proudly remembers that when he started as principal, only ten students rode to school.

“15 years ago when I started as principal, only ten students rode to school,” Bevan shared on Twitter. “Today, first day of term, and our expanded bike sheds are almost full – over 150. It’s healthier, cheaper, faster, greener and – with a good route chosen – safer too. “

We’ve got plenty of time for back-to-school cycling content…yesterday on the live blog, we saw cycling apparel account Victory Chimp share a great photo of their child climbing 9% inclines on the school race. .carrying a backpack half his size. Hey, it worked for Nairo Quintana…

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