Race to new heights with Horton Racing

Sometimes I’m a little nervous at first

Number 427.

“It keeps me pumped up and I start to go a little faster with each lap.

Sebastian Horton is 12 and turns 13 this year, with a hobby a little different from other college kids…

“There is no doubt that racing is Sebastian’s passion,” says Tara Horton.

“In the summer, I also have a lot of fun on quads, off-road motorcycles, side-by-sides. I wanted to do real snow cross, but my mother wouldn’t let me,” says Sebastian.

Snocross is a racing sport that involves high performance snowmobiles.

He says, “You need to know how to control the sled in the air, you need to know what a brake tap is, what lowers your front end when you tap it, and then you just have to be consistent and stay on the sled. ”

Sebastian is no stranger to an adrenaline rush.

And after years of begging, her mother – Tara Horton – finally gave in.

“As a mom, I can’t watch him run without shaking. You almost feel the adrenaline the way runners feel. This year he’s on a 650-pound machine. So it’s absolutely terrifying,” says- she.

He participates in races all over the country.

“We go from Iowa, to Wisconsin, to Minnesota, to North Dakota, to South Dakota.”

Racing at Michigan for four years and at Nationals for two years.

Sebastian says, “In Michigan, I’m the state champion on my local circuit, and then I got a lot of first-place medals.

Tara explains: “Each race is an individual race, but it’s progressive. So throughout the season, you accumulate as many points. Whoever has the most points, at the end of the season, would be determined as the national champion. In addition, there is also a placement at each race.

And he makes sure to keep his mom on the razor’s edge…

“I hit a triple…Probably 10 or 20 feet…A triple is when you come off a jump and then there’s another bump there, and another bump there and you land on it. If you come out of a side jump it’s a bit difficult to control, but if you do it right you should land softly,” says Sebastian.

His future plans include turning pro, aAnd he has a few role models he looks up to. Seb

He says, “I look up to Corbin Anderson and Camryn Anderson. This sled I have here, I got it from the Andersons, they’re from Michigan and it’s a pro-lightweight team.

He even has a lucky charm…

“One of my fans gave it to me. It’s a little bracelet, so I keep it on my sled.

And with all the medals and achievements,

Sebastian remembers to stay humble.

Tara says: “For him to be where he is now, as quickly as he got here, has been honestly quite surprising and impressive.

Sebastian’s advice: “Just have good sportsmanship and stay calm. When you’re not doing your best, shake it off. Go out and do your best.

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