Review: Cobags Bikezac 2.0 Simply Blue Pannier Bag For Life

The Cobags Bikezac 2.0 is an innovative idea: transforming a reusable shopping bag into a satchel. It has a capacity of about 20 liters, and I could fit eight cans and three cans of cereal to fill it. Although it has an 8kg weight limit, realistically it aims to carry a light store; I wasn’t happy entrusting heavy goods to the bag due to its construction.

The bags are made from post-consumer rice bags, collected from the streets of Southeast Asia, so good eco-credentials. There are an interesting story about the development of the bagalso, with the company solely focusing on providing a solution for people who hang bags for life from their handlebars.

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The Bikezac can be folded flat and was easy to store under the bungee straps of my bike rack, ready for unexpected shopping trips. It was also useful when I wanted to carry stuff but not leave an expensive pannier on my bike all day – for example, using it to carry a coat and some snacks to the station car park, where I would then leave my bike and walk into London with said coat and snacks, and not have to carry a pannier with me all day.

Saddlebag hooks fit racks with rails 10-20mm in diameter or 30-63mm in circumference. The hooks are 220mm from the outer edges with a 190mm gap measured between the inner edge of each hook. It is designed to fit bikes equipped with a luggage rack and a classic full fender with stays, for prevent the bag from hitting the wheel. The pannier has no internal reinforcement such as a back plate, so it cannot be used without these items in place on the bike.

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The lack of a back plate also means it can only be used when more than half full (based on capacity not weight) as the contents are needed to give the pannier internal support . These are pretty significant limitations on its use.

In use, there is a simple elastic strap that attaches over the top of the bag, but the bag remains open to the elements. It also means you have to pack carefully to prevent lightweight objects bouncing off uneven road surfaces. A flap to cover the top of the bag would be a welcome improvement, allowing it to be used in bad weather or on the poorly maintained shared-use trail from my village to the local supermarket.

2022 Cobags Bikezac 2.0 Simply blue pannier for life 03.JPG

I really did not understand the mechanism designed to remove the hooks from the rail. I found the hooks stayed in place even if I pulled hard because the plastic wasn’t stiff enough so bent when I pulled up. However, it reassured me that the hooks wouldn’t come off easily while riding, which has happened to me with other hook-on panniers.

Value and conclusion

There aren’t many comparable products on the market, in terms of design or cost. One of the cheapest panniers we’ve tested recently on is Oxford £39.99 Aqua V20which is almost three times the price of Bikezac, although ‘cheap as double chip bags can be found on Amazon for less than £25.

In his criticism of the Altura Anywhere Dry BagEmma mentioned its usefulness as something to stash in a back pocket and use when needed, attaching it directly to the bike, but it’s not something you’d want to carry around bean cans – and it is £35.

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Although the Bikezac 2.0 is very cheap compared to traditional panniers, it costs over 10 times the cost of a typical supermarket reusable bag of similar quality and capacity (£1.25 at Tesco). It’s neither guaranteed to last a lifetime nor cheap enough to be replaced without thinking, and I’m not sure the markup fully justifies the small amount of extra plastic used to make the hooks and closing mechanism of the bag.

I think it would be fantastic if the manufacturer could lower the price to allow it to be sold in supermarkets as an impulse buy, much like current reusable bags are available for shoppers who walk or use their car.


Useful extra bag to keep on the bike for unexpected errands (dry)

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Brand and model : Cobags Bikezac 2.0 Simply Blue Pannier for life

Tell us what the product is for and who it is for. What are the builders saying? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

This foldable open shopper takes the idea of ​​the reusable supermarket bag and allows it to be carried on a satchel.

The manufacturer says: “Bikezac 2.0 is Cobag’s second generation of eco-friendly, safe, durable and practical shopping bags, designed specifically for bikes. The bags make it easier for you to choose the CO2-friendly option when shopping. .

“The Simply Blue is part of our Simple family of products. These bags are designed to be simple and elegant. No logo. No shine. Just simple, timeless design.

“Made from 100% recycled woven PP and just like the other bags in the COBAGS family, it is very durable and easily attaches to the luggage rack. So grab the summer by the handle for that extra space on your trips.”

It’s a useful idea that lets you easily run unexpected errands and meets the manufacturer’s “extra room on the go” goal.

Tell us a bit more about the technical aspects of the product?

Cobags lists:

– Made from durable, 100% recycled woven polypropylene.

– Black handles.

– White elastic band for easy closure.

– New COBAGS rail system in black.

– Load capacity 8 kg.

– The bag must be at least half full when mounted on the bicycle rack.

– Suitable for all common bicycle racks

– Angled corners for more heel space.

– Stable design allows the bag to stand on its own.

– Facilitates filling and emptying.


Flat: H40xL47xL1 cm

When filled: H40xL29xL18 cm

When folded: H10xL29xL3 cm

Rate the product for build quality:


The bag is very similar in construction to reusable supermarket bags – one of the ‘bag for life’ plastic bags but identical to the polypropylene bags on sale for £1.25 or similar at Tesco. The lack of a rear plate limits its use to bikes equipped with a traditional fender and seatstays.

Rate the product for its performance:


The bag worked as expected, providing basic occasional extra storage capacity for unplanned errands or when leaving an expensive pannier on my bike was a bad idea and I didn’t want to take a pannier with me.

Cobags says: “The new T-handle on the rail system allows for easy detachment using just two fingers, meaning there is no longer a need to use the strap to detach the bags. ” No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get there, so I needed to unhook each one manually.

Rate the product for durability:


It was important not to overload the bag, which is tested up to 8kg. With the lack of additional protection on the bottom corners, it’s likely to start to wear out with regular use, but it was reasonably durable under short-term testing conditions.

Rate the product by weight (if applicable)


The bag is extremely lightweight at 109g; you won’t notice it folded flat and strapped to your rack for transport or tucked into another pannier as overflow storage.

Rate the product for comfort (if applicable)


The handles are woven nylon with no extra padding, so if you load this bag up to 8kg they will cut your hand when carrying it. On the bike, the size of the bag meant it didn’t get in the way of my heels when riding.

Evaluate the product for its value:


It’s super cheap compared to traditional panniers, but over 10 times the cost of a supermarket reusable bag of the same quality and capacity (£1.25 at Tesco). It’s neither guaranteed to last a lifetime nor cheap enough to replace without thinking. I’m not sure the markup fully justifies the small amount of extra plastic used to make the bag hooks and closing mechanism.

Tell us how the product performed overall when used as intended

It was a useful addition to my pannier collection as it could easily be folded up and left on top of the rack without adding noticeable weight and is less prone to theft than a more expensive pannier. It is not suitable for use in the rain as it is open to the elements.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the product

Lightness and foldability. Recycled materials used.

Tell us what you particularly disliked about the product

The lack of a weatherproof lid or flap.

How does the price compare to similar products on the market, including those recently tested on

There aren’t many comparable products on the market as the idea of ​​a ‘bag for life’ turned into a satchel is new to Cobags. The cheapest pannier we’ve tested recently on is the Aqua V20 from Oxford at £39.99, almost three times the price of the Bikezac. However, ‘cheap as chips’ double panniers can be found on Amazon for less than £25.

Did you enjoy using the product? Yes

Would you consider purchasing the product? Yes

Would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes

Use this box to explain your overall score

It’s a basic product at a bargain price and it has great eco-friendly credentials, but the lack of ability to zip it up and keep items dry even in a shower limits the overall score.

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