Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser 28mph e-bike review: Comfort for two riders!

It’s a little ironic that California-based e-bike manufacturer Ride1Up’s name is now antithetical to its new model, the Cafe Cruiser. Two-up riding is usually a motorcycle that speaks of carrying a passenger in the back. And the Cafe Cruiser does just that, plus it combines sexy styling with a comfortable cruiser-inspired ride. And to top it all off, the bike has some pretty damn good performance as well.

This is Ride1Up’s first cruiser-style e-bike, as the company has primarily focused on purpose-built commuter e-bikes in the past.

The new model isn’t a stereotypical California cruiser in its own right, as it retains a number of commuter-friendly components such as front suspension, fenders, rear rack, hydraulic disc brakes, built-in LED lighting and the ability to carry your friend. you on the back.

But it still has the comfortable, relaxed seating position and swept-back bars of a cruiser bike, not to mention the motorcycle-inspired top tank frame design to add a neat little accent to the bike’s top tube. .

As a mix between a comfortable cruiser and a feature-rich commuter e-bike, the Cafe Cruiser lives up to its name and delivers great performance too. Check it all out in my video review below, then read on for my full thoughts on this awesome new e-bike.

Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser Video Review

Technical specifications of the Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser

  • Engine: 750W continuous hub motor
  • Top speed: 28 mph (45 km/h)
  • Vary: 30-50 miles (50-80 km)
  • Battery: 48V 15Ah (720Wh) with 21700 Samsung cells
  • Mass: 65 lbs (29 kg)
  • Load capacity: 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Rear rack capacity: 130 lbs (59 kg)
  • Frame: Aluminum alloy
  • Brakes: Dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes
  • Supplements: LCD display with speedometer, battery gauge, PAS level indicator with five-speed settings, odometer, trip meter, Shimano 8-speed drivetrain, front and rear LED lights, high-quality rack and mudguards included, optional passenger package
  • Price: $1,595

Sail in style!

The beauty of the Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser is that it rides like a casual cruiser, while still delivering the performance of a faster, sportier e-bike. And as a cyclist, you have the flexibility to choose how you want to ride every day depending on your mood or your needs.

Crank it up to high levels of pedal assist and hit 45 km/h (28 mph), or back up and roll effortlessly on the throttle to 32 km/h (20 mph).

Or, drop it into lower pedal assist levels and get an easy workout as you pedal casually along the boardwalk or beach path. It has so much potential thanks to its high performance combined with a relaxed cruiser design.

The forward pedal layout and wide saddle give you a comfortable and relaxed geometry, especially as the swept-back handlebars bring the grips to you and keep you upright in the saddle instead of lean forward.

The hydraulic front suspension fork and large 26″ x 3″ balloon tires smooth out the ride for everything from walks to nature trails. These tires are more optimized for the street than anything else, which means I didn’t make great strides trying to roll through Florida’s softest sugar sand, but more hard-packed sand would probably be possible. .

Even so, the “cafe” part of the Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser keeps it from being a more dedicated sand bike, and you’ll want to go with a real fat bike if sand is your thing. But you’ll definitely be king of the bike path on this thing—I certainly am.

With 750W of power (a real 750W, not just a peak 750W) it makes the bike quite sporty. You not only reach a high speed of 28 mph, but you get there fast. And you have the confidence of powerful hydraulic disc brakes to stop quickly.

I also have to give the company some props on the lights. While many companies still keep taillights as optional equipment or forego them altogether, the Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser includes a powerful, high-quality 80 lux front headlight and a highly visible taillight. These aren’t cheap, shabby lights either. They look and feel sturdy, like they’re built to last for years (or like Ride1Up doesn’t want them to break and then have to deal with warranty claims). The taillight is even protected by the rear rack built into the frame, meaning it won’t get caught on obstacles around your garage or bike rack that could cause it to fall or snag a wire.

Speaking of rear racks, this is the “last but not least” big feature I want to talk about. Not only is the rack super sturdy since it’s integrated into the frame itself (helping it achieve that huge 130lb or 59kg weight rating on the rack), but it’s the mounting point perfect for the passenger set.

This awesome accessory from Ride1Up adds a rear seat on the rack, as well as flip-up footrests and a see-through wheel skirt so passengers don’t get their legs or pant skirts sucked into the rear wheel.

Many companies have now started offering rear seats as part of passenger packages, but Ride1Up is the best I’ve seen so far for one simple reason: it has a quick release to remove it. You see, with other passenger sets I’ve tried on competitor e-bikes, you have to bolt the bench seat to the rack. This means that if you want to access the rack again, for example to attach cargo or add a crate of milk for temporary storage, you have to spend several minutes unbolting the bench seat.

But the rear seat of the Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser has a spring-loaded quick release that allows you to put it on and off in about two seconds without any tools other than your fingers. It is firmly fixed, but remains easy to remove! I love it!

ride1up cafe cruiser electric bike

And the final kick is the price, at just $1,595! I don’t know how Ride1Up has withstood the price increase when so many other US-based e-bike companies have recently raised their prices, but I’m also afraid to ask and spoil a good thing, like the kid who reminds the teacher that she forgot to give homework.

The Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser debuted at $1,595 when it was pre-ordered late last year, and here we are four months later in an inflation-riddled economy where the only thing stable seems to be the price of bikes. Arizona Ice Tea and Ride1Up.

Other companies will sell you far fewer e-bikes for far more money. With what you get in this electric bike and what you pay for, it’s crazy good value for money if I’ve ever seen it.

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