Riverfront Bike Rental Service Steps Up | Ahmedabad News

AHMEDABAD: If you have visited the edge of the Sabarmati River, chances are you have seen people cycling along the walkway, enjoying the cool breeze from the river.
Encouraged by the positive response to the riverside bike sharing and rental service, the authorities decided to increase the availability of bikes. Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corp Ltd, a special purpose vehicle of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, has decided to add 300 bicycles to the existing fleet.
“We decided to add 300 bikes on the west and east sides of the bank. About 200 bicycles will be made available on the sections between Sardar Bridge and Vasna Barrage as well as Subhash Bridge and Nehru Bridge on the west bank. On the East Bank, 100 bikes will be made available on the Subhash Bridge to Ellis Bridge stretch,” an AMC official said.
The official said that cycling has become one of the most favorite recreational activities on the riverside because it is not only an easy and quick way to get from one end to the other from the riverside, but it also has health benefits.
“We see a lot of enthusiasm for cycling among local visitors. Since the pandemic, we have noticed more and more visitors showing interest, as cycling also has benefits for cardiovascular health,” the official said.
The official said proposals had already been solicited. Once the company has been selected, bicycles will be made available on these three sections.
A sufficient number of bicycles will be made available for the different age groups to meet the demand so as to avoid queues even at peak times.
MyByk, the company that hires out bikes to the riverside and other parts of the city, has so far provided some 3,000 bikes in the city.
“The trend is up. We made a foray into the East Ahmedabad market about four and a half months ago and the response has been good. We have already installed 200 stations during this period and plan to install another 100 in the coming months,” said Arjit Soni, founder of MyByk.
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