Rivian electric bike? What’s behind the electric truck giant’s latest patent

With its first trucks just hitting the road, Rivian already seems to be considering new avenues to push its EVs, especially bike lanes. Here’s what we know.

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Rivian not only positions itself as a leader in the field of electric vehicles but also an ambitious outdoor brand. Built-in storage to facilitate camping and overland expeditionsto possibility of integrated bike racks, Rivian could be a big name in the near future.

So perhaps it’s not so surprising to see that he filed a trademark application to apply the Rivian name to the world of bicycles.

Rivian Electric Bike Patent

A quick search for the word “Rivian” on the USPTO Trademark Site reveals a list of 46 different trademark applications. But the most recent is quickly attracting attention.

Filed last week, the trademark deals with the Rivian name as it applies to almost everything related to bicycles and e-bikes.

Now, Rivian may be covering his bases. He could be looking to stop another brand from using his name to capitalize on Rivian’s momentum in the EV space.

But it’s also possible that Rivian, as an e-vehicle manufacturer invested in outdoor space, wants to invest its own money in its own e-bikes.

Browsing through the other brand applications you will find things like Rivian brands for metal and non-metal tent pegs, non-electric vegetable peelers, measuring cups, portable stoves and other things that might be found in a terrestrial configuration.

So while it’s possible that Rivian is thinking about its own e-bikes, our best guess is that for now these brands are meant to protect the brand, not that it’s going to release a bike soon.

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