Ryvid Anthem makes its US debut as the cheapest electric motorcycle

After debuting last month, the groundbreaking Ryvid Anthem electric motorcycle, which cost over $10,000, is now much more affordable.

Ryvid Anthem e-bikes are now cheaper

When the Ryvid Anthem was finally brought out of stealth mode last month, a presentation of the revolutionary electric motorcycle was reported.

The Ryvid Anthem is on the cheaper end of the spectrum compared to most highway-compatible e-bikes, which start well north of $10,000. Now the bike is available for just $7,800.

While this is a significant saving over an ICE-driven motorcycle, it’s still a bargain over more expensive e-bike models.

The Ryvid Anthem is making waves in the business for more reasons than cost. The new bike is also packed with intriguing technologies and advanced features not found in the electric motorcycle market.

The Ryvid Anthem’s aircraft-style chassis, which uses bent sheet metal instead of welded tubing, is one of the main distinctions between it and other bikes on the market. It allows Ryvid to use an assembly technique that relies primarily on mechanical fasteners.

That’s just the start of the Anthem’s uniqueness over other bikes. In a move of non-compliance, the bike has an actuator that can raise and lower the seat four inches. Depending on the route ahead, passengers can change flight seats to alter comfort and handling.

Head tube and suspension angles can be changed, but not while riding. The height of the seat makes this technique feasible. Variable geometry frames allow the same chassis to become different types of motorcycles.

Other smart features include keyless start with push-button “activation”, LED lighting for energy-efficient lighting (an expensive upgrade on other e-bikes like Zero), a 4.9-inch TFT display and two high-performance USB connections for device charging.

The company has revealed three color options for the Anthem since its first introduction last month: Rapid White, Atomic Gold and Carbon Grey. Pre-orders for the new bike started today in preparation for its official release. Deliveries are expected to begin in summer 2023.

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The Canadian firm Can-Am presented two new electric motorcycles

Can-Am, a manufacturer of motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles, has launched the Can-Am Origin and Can-Am Pulse, two new electric motorcycles.

The Canadian company makes a variety of vehicles, such as off-road quad bikes and its famous three-wheeler which, unlike other trikes, has two front wheels instead of one.

Can-Am says future electric two-wheelers will be produced to demonstrate its cutting-edge technology, and the motorcycles will be designed to be easier to use and ride for novices.

Both vehicles will feature all-new electric technology from Rotax, a powertrain producer.

Pricing and performance information for upcoming electric motorcycles is still being kept under wraps. Still, BRP, Can-Am’s parent company, aims to release full specs in August 2023, just in time for the company’s 50th anniversary.

José Boisjoli, President and CEO of BRP, noted that half a century ago Can-Am was racing to triumph on the track and on the trails, and now a new legacy begins.

Boisjoli said they are preparing to reclaim our motorcycle heritage by creating exhilarating riding experiences for a new generation with the Can-Am Origin and Can-Am Pulse, the first two models in our family of electric 2-wheelers.

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