Serotta Cycling announces new commercial policies.

January 12, 2022, Saratoga, NY

Entering its 50th year of bicycle manufacturing, Serotta Cycling announces three new commercial policies opening up wider access to the brand.

“Question. Adjust. Evolve. Innovate. Reward. Words to live by and that have been in Serotta’s DNA since its inception. As a consumer-focused company for truly bespoke products, we focus on identifying barriers that can get in the way of connecting with our customers and opportunities to deliver an exceptional internet experience. With that in mind, I’m excited to announce new sales policies as we enter our 50th season of manufacturing bikes,” says the company ‘capo’ Ben Serotta.

First, riders wishing to purchase a bike through their preferred DCI can now do so.

Commenting that, unlike the typical supplier/retailer relationship, Serotta further stated: “Recognizing that every bike built to order is unique, not to mention the high price tag, it is in no one’s interest to try to force a retailer to stock many bikes on the floor that are unlikely to be a perfect fit for any given rider, as only Serotta can. physical shopping experience, while providing an immediate and mutually beneficial opportunity to build relationships with the highest quality retailers.”

Recognizing the work involved in the custom build process, Serotta passes on one of the most generous retailer margins in the industry. Breaking with industry tradition where retailer margin and sales volume go hand in hand, Serotta sees the key issue is that delivering a professional-level experience to every customer deserves professional-level compensation.

The process can begin with the consumer or retailer contacting Serotta directly.

Retailers wishing to purchase a frameset for themselves, a customer, or to establish a formal continuing relationship with Serotta (including the right to market the relationship) should contact Brenda Lyons, Director of Business Development for Serotta at [email protected]

Designations of “retail partners”, which will be very limited to less than 20 worldwide, are based on geographic region on a case-by-case basis.

Next, Serotta is waiving its complete-bike-only policy for frame sales on a limited basis.

Commenting on the supply chain issues, Serotta said: “We have placed orders for all major component groups with major suppliers, but like everyone else, don’t expect deliveries to match. at our request, so we’ve made some adjustments to our policies to allow more riders to enjoy a new Serotta.Many riders looking to purchase a new model rim brake already have a garage full of wheels and components highly usable and simply don’t need or want a completely new set of components.With supply shortages expected to continue into 2023 for disc brake models, the game sales offering of frames allows the determined buyer to source individual components directly from anywhere in the world.”

Of course, Serotta’s main concern is always the safety of the rider. Consumers who purchase frames will be required to sign an agreement stating that they understand and accept the risks and responsibilities inherent in assembling a bicycle.

Along with these new commercial policies, Serotta will continue to offer a direct service to cyclists everywhere. Customers who buy directly from the company can book fittings at one of the many approved bike fitting centers or can even book a fitting with Ben Serotta at one of the many locations in the northeast.

To support the connoisseur who wants to get off the menu, Serotta is introducing a new Concierge purchase option. For customers who want to go off the menu of Serotta’s many product options, the department takes care of providing the most detailed wish list of components and accessories.

About Serotta.

Ben Serotta started building bicycle frames in 1972 as an apprentice at the Witcomb custom factory in London, England, then under the name Serotta soon after his return. Serotta bikes, both Serotta badged and “private” labeled for more than a dozen companies, have been raced to countless podiums in Road, TT, Tri, Track and MTB events at all levels of the sport . Serotta has been a leading innovator in frame material design, engineering and construction techniques. His pioneering work focusing on personalized performance attributes can be credited with introducing the modern language of nuanced driving performance. Along with the development of the bicycle, Serotta and the SICI school he founded, spearheaded the evolution of bicycle fit philosophy and technique while developing the prototypical tools and training that are used in the systems of XY grid positioning, now the basis of modern fit and construction of modern. bikes of all brands.

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