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Is a Kryptonite bike lock worth it?

If you’re worried about a bike thief leaving you without your expensive ride, it’s worth considering investing in a high-quality bike lock. Consistently, one of the toughest bike lock brands for a thief to circumvent is the Kryptonite brand.

Although Kryptonite bike locks may cost more than others, they offer such a high level of performance that they have a good chance of paying for themselves by preventing your precious bike from becoming another crime stat.

Understand what you are protecting

When deciding if you want to spend the extra money on buying a Kryptonite lock, think about the value of your bike and where you should store it.

Bike value

If you have an expensive bike that costs $500 or more and you often have to park outside, the above-average cost of the Kryptonite lock is probably worth it. If you have a used bike that you bought for $50, Kryptonite’s bike lock may cost more than what you paid for the bike, so you might not want to spend that much.

Importance of the bike

Even if you own a cheap bike, you may like it. You can rely on it to get you to school or work, so its value to you goes far beyond the monetary value of the bike. In a case like this, you might be willing to spend the money on the Kryptonite bike lock to protect your bike.

How Kryptonite Compares to Other Bike Locks

When selecting from bike locks, you could spend as little as $10. Admittedly, Kryptonite bike locks cost a lot more, usually between $50 and $150.

Kryptonite locks may cost more due to their durability. These locks do not rely on thin cables or plastic. Instead, they feature heavy steel in the chain links and other parts of the lock. The chain links of these locks are generally between 9.5 and 12 mm in size.

Most of the different Kryptonite locks claim to be able to withstand bolt cutters and other hand tools meant to defeat chains and locks.

Common Kryptonite Bike Lock Designs

Beyond the more traditional bike chain lock or U-lock bike designs, Kryptonite also offers folding bike lock designs.

  • U-lock: The U-lock design uses a sturdy U-shaped steel bar that connects to a thick bar at the end. The bar closes the open end of the U-shape and locks it in place.
  • Chain: The chain design uses thick steel links with a locking bar or padlock to secure the bike. Kryptonite chain bike locks use a nylon cover to protect the chain.
  • Folding: The design of the folding lock, such as the Kryptonite Kryptolok Folding Bike Lock, folds down to a small size for transport. It then expands using hardened steel ties and bars to secure the bike to the rack or pole.

Foil potential thieves

Some people put up a sign in their yard saying they have a security system, even if they don’t. The idea behind the sign is the hope that would-be thieves might choose to move on in an attempt to break into a home without security.

If you purchase a Kryptonite bike lock, the brand name appears prominently on the lock. Even if you buy a cheap Kryptonite lock, like the Kryptonite Keeper 411 Bike Lock with Key Ring for around $25, a would-be thief could choose to jump your bike.

The thief may know Kryptonite’s reputation for having locks that are harder to defeat than an average bike lock, so the thief can seek an easier target, leaving your bike alone.

Of course, you could also opt for a much thicker and heavier (and more expensive) Kryptonite lock, like the Kryptonite Evolution U-Lock 11-14mmto thwart even a bike thief who wants to attempt to defeat the Kryptonite Lock.

What kind of Kryptonite bike lock do you need

12.7mm Kryptonite Kryptolok U-Lock

This U-shaped lock features hardened steel that resists bolt cutters and hand tools. Its 5-by-9-inch locking interior dimensions allow you to easily maneuver around even thick bike frames.

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New York Fahgettaboudit Kryptonite Chain and New York Disc Padlock

New York Fahgettaboudit Kryptonite Chain and New York Disc Padlock

This is an expensive bike chain, but it provides important protection for your property. It uses 14mm six-sided chain links protected by a durable nylon cover. The padlock includes a 15mm steel shackle.

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