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Sing electric bike

How motorized pedaling brought the fun back to the saddle

By Nick Welsh | January 27, 2022

About 271 miles ago, Nick Welsh went to the dark side – he bought an e-bike. | Credit: Nick Welsh

About 271 miles ago I went to the dark side – bought an e-bike.

As a lifelong bike commuter, I had reservations. Not anymore. There’s something sublimely ridiculous about being able to power through Carrillo Hill at 15 miles an hour without breaking a sweat.

The bike I had – two years old but in perfect condition – can reach top speeds of 28 miles per hour. But only if I pedal.

I still ride my old road bike. His sense of gliding is even more bare without friction. But the electric bike allows me to drastically compress the space-time continuum. The wind is always at your back. And no matter where you go, it’s downhill the whole way. It’s a bit like cheating. Except no. With an e-bike, you won’t ride as hard as on your traditional road bike. But you will definitely drive faster. And further. And much more.

All those errands you needed a car for? You can do most of them by bike. Yes, you can feel good about saving the planet and all that. But you’ll feel even better about all the fun you’re having.

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