South Africa’s cheapest e-bike

The cheapest e-bike you can buy in South Africa is the Raleigh Glide E-Bike, which offers a range of 30-40km on a single charge.

The 29-inch (73.7cm) e-bike packs a 36V, 5.2Ah battery, and Raleigh has capped its top speed at 30kph.

It is available on Game for R9,999, and notably, it is currently the most expensive bike sold by the retailer. The second most expensive e-bike you can buy in South Africa starts at R14,999.

Its Bafang 250W rear wheel motor offers five levels of assistance, from “off” for an authentic riding experience, to “level 5” which gives you 250% pedal assistance.

The pedal assist makes the tough aspects of cycling – like going uphill – much more manageable and much less intimidating for those who aren’t avid cyclists.

Essentially, being in good shape is no longer a requirement to look like a great cyclist, and therefore e-bikes are opening up the world of cycling to a range of people who may not have considered the sport before.

Electric bikes can also be ideal for those recovering from injuries or who have specific disabilities.

The Raleigh Glide electric bike contains a 36 V, 5.2 Ah battery with a range of 30-40 km, and in combination with the 250 W Bafang motor it reaches 30 km/h. The battery is mounted in the frame.

According to Raleighriders can extend their range from 30km to 40km by efficiently managing levels of motor assistance depending on the terrain.

It also includes a rear derailleur and Shimano Altus shifters, offering a selection of 24 speed settings.

As for the dimensions, the 29-inch frame is best suited for adults between 180cm and 195cm tall. The frame includes an integrated headset and a steel front suspension fork.

While Game describes the Raleigh Glide e-bike as a mountain bike, it would be wise to stick to tarmac and soft off-road trails.

“This e-bike will provide the rider with hours of fun while being suitable for paved trails or small off-road trails,” the description reads.

The specifications of the Raleigh 29 inch Glide e-bike are provided below.

Raleigh 29″ Glide Electric Bike Specifications
Engine Bafang 250W rear wheel electric motor
Battery Internal battery 36V, 5.2Ah
Frame 29″ steel frame with integrated headset and steel front suspension fork
Joysticks Altus Fire Shimano 24 Speed ​​Shifters
Rear derailleur Altus Shimano 24-speed rear derailleur
Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes
Rims MachOne double wall rims 36 holes
Supplements Quick release seatpost clamp and front wheel

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