Stark Future’s Stark Varg Accelerates Motocross Acceptance Of All-Electric Bikes

While sustainability has been a focal point of modern corporate expansions and new innovations, some industries – such as agriculture, energy and transportation – have been generally slower to adapt to green trends than their peers. Motocross, as a subsidiary of the transportation industry, has been no different, with expert analysis as recent as 2017 indicating that while motocross has the potential to go electric in the future, this reality is still far away. But according to up-and-coming Barcelona-based motocross builder Stark Future, that future is now; With the company’s record-breaking launch of the all-electric, high-performance Stark VARG in December 2021, Stark FUTURE proves that competitive e-bikes have not only arrived to move the industry forward in revolutionary ways, but are here to stay for the long haul.

“An e-bike can’t finish a motorcycle right now,” esteemed racing site FloSports once wrote. “At best, a pro rider might be able to finish a supercross race, but that’s no guarantee. And that’s with a bike that weighs 20-40 pounds more than the competition, depending on the distance at which they want to reduce battery life.

Shattering misconceptions surrounding e-bike battery capacity, the Stark VARG’s patent-pending battery maintains an impressive 6kWh capacity at less than 32kg in weight, lasting the same duration as a conventional gas tank on a fuel model. Weighing in at 110kg total with battery included, the Stark VARG has set a new precedent for the industry’s best power-to-weight ratio, completely shattering the limitations that analytics have imposed on electric motocross bikes. And while some skepticism may linger about e-bikes’ ability to compete professionally, the VARG’s overwhelming endorsement of pro races like those of Sebastien Tortelli and Josh Hill puts those misplaced fears to rest and does the same. that electric racing is a viable possibility in the sport for the first time. already.

Although the battery may have been the main point of contention in the mass acceptance of electric bikes, Stark Future’s Stark VARG goes beyond its magnesium honeycomb battery to improve the holistic motorcycle as we know it. at the highest levels of performance. Equipped with the world’s lightest motocross chassis, an air-cooled case, over 100 ride modes, and the ability to quickly adapt between a 125 two-stroke and a 650 four-stroke, the Stark VARG not only improves industry standards, but breaks them in the process, single-handedly modernizing the sport to its full potential.

To learn more about the Stark VARG, visit the Stark Future website for more information

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