Starling Cycles Murmur Hope x Bristol Bike Restoration

To celebrate the launch of pre-orders for the Starling Murmur Stainless, Starling has created something rather eye-catching.

The press release continues:

We have teamed up with Bike Restoration in Bristol and Hope to create a super special and unique custom painted stainless whisper.

The age-old mountain bike truth “anodizing equals snappy” rings true on this one, and Hope provided absolutely stunning anodized parts for it. Their choice of 4 ano colors seemed a bit overkill even for this release, so we stuck with 3 – blue, orange, and purple. We selected as many Hope parts as possible and tried to have each part next to a different colored component.

Then we asked for help from Bike Restoration in Bristol for a custom paint job. We gave Josh free rein to use his own creative interpretation and he created a smooth fade between the colors and some nice hex details to match the Hope components.

List of specifications:

  • Wheels // Ryan Builds Wheels DT Swiss XM421 rims, 24H hubs, Sapim CX-Ray silver spokes
  • Fork // Rock Shox Pike
  • Shock // Cane Creek inline coil with progressive spring (now available on Starling frames)
  • Cockpit // Miscellaneous from FunnMTB
  • Tires // Michelin Wild AM (using the older generation with white logos so the colors don’t clash!)
  • Inserts // Cush Core Enduro

We are absolutely over the moon with the results—and happy with how Marmite the bike seems to be with riders. He’s done a great job of getting attention at the Ardrock Enduro and we hope he will do the same as more people catch sight of him.

End of press release.

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