State Bicycle Co. updates the popular 4130 Fixed Gear/SS with work or play in mind

After over a decade in the making and over 5 years since major changes, State Bicycle Co. is giving the popular 4130 an overhaul. reliable single-speed to include gravel riding or sloppy conditions.

As usual, affordability is a key element of the state’s new offerings.

The biggest change from the old 4130 is in the chassis. For the new design, State used a triangle-style seatstay paired with a segmented fork. As a result, the bike allows ample tire clearance (up to 42c) on the frame and fork.

state bike co 4130

The 4130 Chromoly steel frame is stiff, and the modifications should help give it some suppleness and comfort on rough roads and trails. Unlike the old State 4130, the new frame features mounts on the fork and rear of the frame for racks, bags or panniers.

State also changed the wheels, looking to add rough-surface capability. Tubeless compatible rims (tape, sealant and tubeless tires required) are suitable for 700c x 25-42mm tires. And a 32-hole sealed bearing flip-flop hub lets riders choose to freewheel or fixie.

The redesigned 4130 comes with a stock 700 x 38c tire, which State says is the fattest stock tire you can find on a complete fixie anywhere on the market. The tread pattern aims to perform on hard-packed pavement or gravel with a smooth center for cruising and sharp sides for cornering.

State Bicycle Co. 4130 redesign: for work or play

State said the redesign meets what it sees as a demand for performance bikes that can handle adverse conditions.

“Our cyclists use them around town to get around or even to work (as messengers). They needed something that could handle rain, snow, and potholes. We think these new changes will really help with all of that, as well as giving these bikes some extra versatility for off-road use,” said Mehdi Farsi, Brand Manager of State.

You also get a few options between handlebars with the State 4130—either the flat Wide Riser bar or a drop bar, borrowed from the sturdier All-Road collection.

State Bicycle Co. 4130

Riders can choose from four paint schemes that include both flared and dimmed options.

MSRP: $550.

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