Step into the State Bicycle Co. x Wu-Tang collection

State Biycle Co. pays homage to the legendary Wu-Tang CLan with a complete collection of bikes, apparel and parts.

The latest release is a return to the Arizona brand’s roots – State first helped Wu-Tang celebrate 36 Chambers’ 20th anniversary nearly a decade ago. It follows State’s foray into the psychedelic jams of the Grateful Dead.

The bikes in this latest Wu-Tang collaboration are as diverse as State’s musical tastes. There’s a Klunker, a steel fixie, and a fancier aluminum/carbon track bike. Plus, all the apparel and parts to add Wu-Tang to your next ride if you don’t want to go for the complete bike.

The bikes

State releases three different Wu-Tang frames. A Klunker, a steel fixie and an alloy/carbon track bike.

The Klunker is a classic retro-inspired do-it-all cruiser, ATV or whatever you want. A steel frame, coaster brakes, BMX handlebars in one size for everyone from 5’5″ to 6’3″. It even comes with a bottle opener, for mid-ride hydration, for $500.00 (full).

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State’s classic Core Line uses a 4130 steel frame as the foundation for single-speed or fixed-gear riding, via a rocker hub in Killer Bee Yellow. Four frame sizes are available for $450.00, with all Wu-inspired parts or $200 for the frame only.

Finally, to add speed to the styling, the 6061 Black Label uses a lightweight, double butted 6061 aluminum frame and Essor USA carbon fiber fork, a responsive street bike. There are six Black Label sizes, from 49cm to 62cm, for $750 for the full version or $400 for the Wu-Tang frame only.

Wu-Tang Parts and Accessories

If you just want a little ruckus, State and Wu-Tang sell the full line of accessories to add to your current ride. These range from stem caps and grips to an ornate Wu-Tang bar bag or the Killer Bee deep-V wheelset.

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State Bicycle Co. x Wu-Tang Apparel

If you just want to show off your Wu-Tang Clan love with a kit, there’s a full line of clothing. The Killer jersey, bibs, and caps are all made from State Bicycle Co.’s durable Repreve fabric. It’s made from recycled water bottles in the name of sustainability.

Three jerseys cost between 70 and 80 USD, Killer Bee bibs cost 90 USD, while Shaolin and Killer Bee caps cost 20 USD each.

All State x Wu-Tang gear is available now through State Bicycle Co.

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