Stiff, fast, aero: Pinarello Grevil F is a pure gravel racehorse

Four years after Pinarello launched its line of gravel racing-specific Grevil bikes, the brand is launching an updated version of the platform that increases stiffness, aerodynamic profile and power savings over the first. race.

The Grevil F, like its predecessor, is all about speed. Pinarello says when designing road bikes, it always works to identify the perfect midpoint among key features, including carbon material, aerodynamics, weight, geometry and tube thickness.

The Pinarello Grevil F contains T700 carbon which combines both high modulus and high tensile strength fibers; (photo/Pinarello)

For the Grevil F, Pinarello has stayed true to the same mantra, prioritizing performance for riders who need power, stability and speed, even when the road gets thick.

The Grevil F starts with a frame comprised of T700 carbon that combines both high modulus and high tensile strength fibers that blend together to create a construction that is both stiff and forgiving. The bike is a sturdy platform that still absorbs vibrations from the trail, creating a more comfortable ride.

Man riding a Pinarello Grevil F racing bike.
The Pinarello Grevil F race bike features an asymmetrical design and clearance for either 700c or 650b tire wheels; (photo/Pinarello)

With three different build options, the Grevil F can accommodate riders who prefer slightly rough terrain to those who only mountain bike.

The frame is suitable for 700c road tires from 25mm, 700c gravel tires from 32 to 50mm or 27.5 up to 2.1 inch mountain bike tires.

It also has a specially developed seat clamp in front of the seatpost and integrated into the top tube. This is so that debris flying off the rear tire – whether it’s dust, mud or whatever – doesn’t end up inside to foul the system.

 Man riding a Pinarello Grevil F racing bike
All Gravel F cables are routed using Poinarello’s total internal cable routing system; (photo/Pinarello)

Even though the Grevil F thrives on rough terrain, Pinarello didn’t skimp on the fast characteristics often reserved for the road.

First, the frame of the Grevil F retains Pinarello’s asymmetrical design, responding to the different forces the rider applies to the motor and non-motor sides of the frame. For example, the bike’s straight chainstay and seatstay rotate downward to increase pedaling efficiency and cushion rear wheel impacts.

The Grevil F’s Onda fork features a wave design and a light and supple 50mm rake. And Pinarello’s total internal cable routing system ensures no stray cables hinder aerodynamics. The prominent front brake caliper shroud also shows Pinarello’s commitment to aerodynamics in gravel racing.

Pinarello Grevil F racing bike. Detailed view of the head tube.
The Gravel F’s Onda fork features a wave design and weighs 500g; (photo/Pinarello)

Compared to the previous Grevil linePinarello says the Grevil F update is 8% stiffer on the bottom bracket, 4% more aerodynamic and saves 5W at 40km/h.

The raw frame weighs 1090g in size 53. The Onda fork adds 500g.

A complete bike without pedals with Campagnolo Ekar and Princeton Grit 4540 wheels weighs 18.8 pounds in size 53. The same bike with Campagnolo Ekar and Fulcrum Rapid Red 500 wheels weighs 19.5 pounds.

Pinarello Grevil F racing bike. Side view.
Complete builds in size 53 range from 8.55 to 8.85 kg; (photo/Pinarello)

Stay tuned for a full review on GearJunkie soon.

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