Super73’s new electric bikes are coming! ‘Bold New Concept’ Debuts in Las Vegas

Super73 has been teasing its next e-bike models for a few months. Now the company has finally released some actual clues to let you know what to expect.

(Photo: Photo credit should read SAM YEH/AFP via Getty Images)
This photo taken on May 21, 2019 shows a worker checking an electric bicycle at a factory of Giant – the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer – in Taichung. – After years of outsourcing production to China, Taiwan is trying to regain its crown as the world’s bicycle manufacturer with sophisticated electronic two-wheelers fueled by growing European demand and the need to reduce its exposure to war commercial.

This giant bike manufacturer is popular for its efficient products, which offer moped-style features combined with advanced e-bike features.

To further excite its consumers, the e-bike developer has also confirmed that its new e-bikes will debut at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is expected to take place as early as January 2022.

Along with the new zero-emission moped-style bikes, Super73 has also confirmed that there will also be new apparel and accessory lines to pair with the new models.

Super73 launches new e-bikes in Las Vegas

Electrek provided the actual photos posted by Super73. The image shows the outline of a bicycle with the company logo.

Super73's new electric bikes are coming!

(Photo: Photo by EDUARDO MUNOZ/AFP via Getty Images)
A bike with stolen parts is seen tied to a bike rack in the Manhattan borough of New York City on Oct. 27, 2021. – ‘Co-worker needs help getting his bike back!’ says a message in the WhatsApp group of the Delivery Boys United, a team of food delivery people in New York who are organizing to defend themselves against attacks and robberies. Vicente Carrasco, a 39-year-old Mexican, formed the group in March after being assaulted.

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All lines are also designed with neon colors. Super73 would probably launch its new e-bikes in Las Vegas based on this photo.

On the other hand, the giant bike creator also said that these new models will have a “bold new concept”. Some pundits claimed the outline would be the actual shape of the new zero-emissions bike.

At the moment, the company has still not confirmed the exact characteristics of its new electric bikes. Super73 is also unlikely to announce any further model information in December.

For now, the best thing to do is to wait for new announcements from the manufacturer in January 2022. You can check this link to see more details.

Best e-bike accessories

Since you’re still waiting for the new e-bikes from Super73, you can try these bike accessories, which were provided by Input Mag:

  • Two Wheel Gear’s Pannier Backpack Convertible 2.0
  • GoPro Hero 10 Black
  • Lumos Matrix Smart Helmet
  • Cane Creek Thudbuster ST suspension seatpost
  • RockBros Phone Handlebar Bag

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