Swytch Launch Pocket Battery Converts Any Electric Bike

Frankfurt, Germany – This week, the world’s best-known and most innovative cycling brands are exhibiting at Eurobike, the world’s largest bike show. One brand in particular is set to shake up the entire industry with its latest product. The Swytch AIR can convert almost any bicycle into a state-of-the-art e-bike, with its revolutionary pocket e-bike battery.

Swytch is already a leader in the e-bike market, having sold over 40,000 conversion kits to customers around the world since 2017. In 2020 alone, Swytch sold over 9,000 conversion kits in the UK , taking over 5% of the entire UK e-bike market by volume. *.

The new Swytch AIR conversion kit features the world’s first pocket e-bike battery, weighing just 700g and delivering 250W of power, to reach a top speed of 15mph. It fits the handlebars of any bike and powers a front drive wheel (built by Swytch in any wheel size, to fit any bike) that simply replaces your existing wheel. When installed on your bike at home, the result is a state-of-the-art electric bike that is lighter and much more affordable than almost anything on the market.

CEO, Oliver Montague says:E-bikes currently have many problems, they are generally far too expensive for the average consumer, they are too heavy, with very limited options in terms of style, design and availability.

But, more importantly, every time someone buys a brand new e-bike, it creates over 200kg of CO2 that could have been saved if they converted their existing bike to an eBike. Since there are already over a billion bicycles in the world, and many people already have a bike they love to ride, we want to encourage everyone to consider the conversion option instead.. We believe that our new product, the Swytch AIR, and its more powerful version, the Swytch MAX, are going to be the catalyst for a significant shift in consumer behavior towards converting existing bikes to e-bikes, instead of buying brand new electric bikes. . This approach is better for the customer, and better for the planet!

CTO, Dmitro Khroma says that: “Our mission is to help people travel more sustainably, by transforming their existing bikes into e-bikes. The new Swytch AIR and MAX are going to totally disrupt the e-bike industry because they are so much lighter, smaller and more affordable than everything else,

When you upgrade your existing bike to a Swytch bike, you keep the bike you love and turn it into a more advanced and much lighter high performance e-bike than many of the latest e-bikes that can cost 4-5 times. so much to buy. Simply put, if you have a bike and want an e-bike… Swytch!

Swytch has generated unprecedented interest in the new Swytch AIR and MAX products and has already received pre-orders for over 10,000 units of its first production batch after inviting existing customers and early waitlist subscribers to access in preview to the pre-order. The company is now increasing its production capacity and expects to be able to accept more pre-orders, starting with its second batch of production and its official launch in September this year.

Eurobike visitors are invited to learn more about the Swytch AIR and MAX, register for exclusive discounts and test drive them at stand A25, hall 8. The press is invited to attend a press conference on the new Swytch’s AIR and MAX at the stand on Friday July 15 at 11 a.m. (as announced in the Eurobike press conference programme).

For more information contact:

Elanna Boyce: [email protected]


Visit us at Eurobike: Stand A25, Hall 8

*(based on 170,000 total UK e-bike sales in 2020, source: Mintel)

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Site links:

Homepage: www.swytchbike.com

Coming soon page (pre-launch info): www.swytchbike.com/comingsoon

Press kit (Google Drive) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18pPjE8XRSUtS_Ni9AL6T2oEXDom5HkHa?usp=sharing

Press conference package:

How the Swytch kit works

The Swytch kit is pedal assisted, which means it provides power as you pedal. The pedal sensor detects when you pedal and the motor controller (contained inside the handlebar connector) is powered by the Swytch AIR and MAX handheld batteries and powers a 250W hub motor contained inside the handlebar connector. a front wheel drive.

How to install the Swytch kit:

First, simply swap out the front motor wheel (included in the Swytch kit and built to the specified wheel size to fit your bike). Then attach the pedal sensor and battery connector, then clip on your Power Pack, and that’s it – your bike has been ‘Swytched’ electric and will now give you 250W of power over 15km on average.

Swytch Company Fact Sheet

The history of Switch

Swytch was founded by engineers Oliver Montague and Dmitro Khroma in 2017 in response to a clear gap in the market for a sustainable urban transport solution. Oliver now plays a central role at the helm of the company as CEO and Dmitro leads a London-based team of world-class engineers as CTO. Swytch thinks that transportation shouldn’t cost Earth much. They have therefore made it their mission to make electric transport accessible to all. Since launching the first version of the Swytch Kit in 2017, Swytch has helped over 40,000 customers convert their bike to an eBike.

Swytch has grown at a breakneck pace over the past 3 years, growing sales volumes at a rate of nearly 300% per year, and growing the team from just 6 employees in 2019 to 50 and counting in 2022. With its unique hybrid operation approach and emphasis on employee ownership, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular tech startups to join and recently won the Best Place to Work award.

In 2020, Swytch sold over 9,000 Swytch kits in the UK market, making it arguably the biggest selling e-bike product in the country – based on available data for total e-bike sales volume that year (17,000 – source Mintel) Swytch represents more than 5% of the whole UK e-bike market by volume, and the company estimates that figure will have grown to more than 8% once official statistics on the e-bike market volume will be released for 2021.

Swytch’s head office is in London, UK, and they have distribution centers in Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia, and opened their first office in New York in March 2022 to serve the rapidly growing American clientele.

Swytch kits have been delivered to customers in over 50 countries and their customers have traveled a total of over 1.5 million miles on their Swytch bikes, saving over 17,000 tonnes of CO2e through emissions savings from carbon associated with “recycling”. an existing bike, plus the emissions saved by cycling more instead of driving.

Funding Cycle Fact Sheet

Swytch Technology recently closed a £4m investment round, with funding coming primarily from green tech/sustainability focused investors.

Swytch previously raised £800,000 in seed funding from angel investors in 2018 and used the funds to launch a hugely popular upgrade to the original kit in 2019. These original angel investors included the Green Angel Syndicate, Startup Funding Club, Angels Den and the London Co-Investment Fund, which recently reinvested in the last funding round – in fact, over 60% of funds raised came from this existing investor base.

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