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Another great initiative organized every year since 2013 by the NSW government is a writing competition: Seniors’ Stories. It is a way to recognize and value the experiences of NSW seniors and to create links between young and old. The top 100 stories are selected and published in a book sponsored by the NSW Seniors Card, then distributed to authors and libraries across the state.

These stories illustrate the substantial contributions of older people and highlight the need to ensure that older people have the opportunity to be active members of our community and to share their knowledge and wisdom with younger generations.

Wendy Jannings, a member of Bicycle NSW and Ride Leader, was one of the authors published in Elder Stories Volume 7. His story titled:As long as I have the ability, I’ll just carry on” is an inspiring tale about the rediscovery of the bicycle and aging.

Wendy’s story begins in 2008 after a 46-year break, when at the age of 60 she got back into cycling. Today, nearly 15 years later, Wendy is an avid cyclist and a member and leader of four Bicycle User Groups (“BUGs”) in Sydney. As with many post-lockdown, his plans are to see more regional NSW this year, with cycle trips to Cowra, Denman and the mid-west already booked.

“It’s never too late to ride a bike and now that e-bikes are getting lighter and lighter, the effort needed to get up and cover the distances will be minimized. The cycling fraternity is great, you’re outdoors, visiting places on your bike that you’ve never been before. Horseback riding is an easy form of exercise and cycling is believed to slow the aging process!” encourages Wendy.

Please enjoy the story.

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