The ASTRO is a stylish and surprisingly fast e-bike

The e-mobility industry is rapidly evolving across all of its platforms. While powerful electric cars and motorcycles continue to deliver game-changing innovations, they are undoubtedly beyond the reach of most commuters looking to commute. The result is a proliferating LEV (light electric vehicle) segment dominated by e-scooters, e-bikes and mopeds.

A Hong Kong-based company called C3STROM is looking to lead the way in the e-bike industry with its brand new product. Now, e-bikes have been around for a while now, and the most affordable ones follow a simple formula: a conventional bike frame with a downtube-mounted battery and a hub-mounted motor on the rear wheel. While this setup works flawlessly, it’s definitely a bit dated and lacks the premium style that high-end customers may be looking for.

C3STROM’s ASTRO and ASTRO Pro e-bikes raise the bar not only in terms of design, but also performance. In fact, the ASTRO kind of draws the line between your regular e-bike and an e-motorcycle. For starters, the battery is central to the build of the bike and is seamlessly integrated into the frame design. It’s hidden just below the top tube and comes in two variants: 780wh in the base model and 1040wh in the pro model. Depending on how hard you ride, you’re looking at around 60-80 miles of range on a single charge.

On the performance side, the ASTRO has an integrated hub motor on the rear wheel with an output of 750W and 80Nm of torque. The driver has the choice between two driving modes, namely C3 mode and off-road mode. C3 mode limited the top speed of the bike to 45 kilometers per hour, or about 28 miles per hour, while Off-Road mode offers maximum performance and a top speed of 52 kilometers per hour, or 32 miles per hour. The bike is backed up by adequate tech consisting of a telescopic front fork and a pair of hydraulic disc brakes, one at each end. It does not, however, have rear suspension.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of e-bikes like the ASTRO is the fact that you can always pedal home, should you ever find yourself with a dead battery. As for pricing and availability, C3STROM plans to release the ASTRO later in the second quarter of 2022. It will be available in black and gray and will have a pre-launch price of $1,699 for the base model. and $1,899 for the top. of the Pro line variant.

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