The best bike locks to protect your conventional bike or electric bike

We rated padlocks on this aspect: how well they might deter thieves from trying to open them, not on other variables, such as how easy they were to lug around or carry with you when of a bike ride.

“Unfortunately, when it comes to locks, heavier is actually better for security, but worse for portability,” says Bernie Deitrick, CR’s senior testing program manager. “In fact, the heaviest of all the models we tested came with a recommendation that it should only be used at home.”

That said, many people who temporarily lock up their expensive bikes on recreational rides don’t need the added security of a heavy lock or want to lug around all that extra weight. A simple deterrent is enough. “It really depends on how long it takes to defeat a lock,” says Deitrick. “Given enough time, a thief can open or cut just about any lock, even the strongest ones.”

For urban users, especially those who must leave their bike unattended outside for a period of time, we have found that U-locks offer the best security, as they are the most difficult to open with a wide variety of locks. tools, including crowbars. , electric grinders, hacksaws and common hand tools. But they can be heavy, which is why users less concerned with determined thieves haven’t bothered with them. All of the padlocks tested were large enough to secure a bicycle to a large square post in our lab.

Note that some of the best bike locks don’t come with a way to attach them to the bike while riding, which means you may need a creative mounting solution or have to carry them in a bag back.

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