The bicycle inner tube becomes a sturdy pencil case

If you’re a cyclist who lives in an area with poorly maintained infrastructure, you’ll likely have a lot of punctured inner tubes just waiting to be reused. Consider turning them into a sturdy and durable pencil case with this drawing [Yorkshire Lass].

[Yorkshire Lass] does a great job explaining not only the basic design of the pencil case, but also the unique techniques needed to work with inner tubes in this way. For best results, the tube should first be straightened by stretching it for some time along a flat board. Rubber bands then need to be cut to fit and then assembled in the pattern to make the kit. Sewing the casing also requires special techniques aside from those used in regular sewing. This is largely due to the fact that the rubber cannot be pinned in place without leaving a permanent hole in the material. Fortunately, the editorial staff explains all the pitfalls for those new to sewing inner tubes, which we should suspect most of us are.

Assembled correctly, you’ll end up with a pencil case made of a much stronger material than most. Plus, it’s a great fashion accessory to show off to other bike or recycling evangelists at your school, college, or workplace. Even better, it’s possible to have a group craft session with your local bike group since everyone’s bound to have a few failed mountain bike tubes lying around.

We’ve seen other cool tricks for storing pens and pencils around the studio. In the meantime, if you have your own reuse ideas for old bicycle inner tubes, write U.S!

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