The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office reminds motorists and cyclists about the safety of bicycles on the roads

Brevard County residents are increasingly riding bicycles for commuting, exercise, or just for fun.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Residents of Brevard County are increasingly riding bicycles for commuting, exercise or just for fun.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind everyone that by law, bicycles on the roadway have the same rights and responsibilities as motorized vehicles; people’s choices, whether on two or four wheels, can affect the lives of those around them.

During the month of March, MPs focused on cycling safety. Special patrols have been deployed to Brevard County hallways where bicycle traffic and accidents are most prevalent to discourage unsafe behavior by enforcing Florida traffic laws.

MPs issue warnings and citations only when appropriate. Accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists are more likely to result in fatal or serious injuries than any other type of accident. High Visibility (HVE) efforts such as these are a collision mitigation tool designed to deter unsafe behavior from all road users, including motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind you of the following safety tips to help save a life.

For drivers:

◾Search for cyclists everywhere. Cyclists may not ride where they should be or may be difficult to see, especially in low light conditions including dusk/dawn/night and inclement weather.
◾ Yield cyclists as you would motorists and don’t underestimate their speed. Avoid turning in front of a cyclist traveling on the road or sidewalk, often at an intersection or in an alley.
◾In parking lots, at stop signs, when backing up or parking, look around for other vehicles, including bicycles.
◾Motorists turning right on red should look to the right and to the rear to avoid hitting a cyclist coming from the rear right. Come to a complete stop and look left-right-left and back before turning right at red.
◾Respect the speed limit, reduce speed according to road conditions and drive carefully to avoid collision with cyclist.

For cyclists:

◾Ride with the flow, in the same direction as traffic.
◾ Obey traffic signs, signals and road markings, just like a car.
◾Suppose the other person does not see you; anticipate hazards or situations to avoid that could cause you to fall, such as toys, rocks, potholes, railings or train tracks.
◾No texting, listening to music, or using anything that distracts you by taking your eyes, ears, or mind away from the road and traffic.
◾Wear gear to protect yourself and make yourself more visible to others, such as a bicycle helmet, light-colored clothing (during the day), reflective gear, white front light and red taillight, and reflectors on your bike (at night or when visibility is poor).

This is part of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office’s participation in the Florida Department of Transportation’s High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) program aimed at educating motorists, cyclists and pedestrians on Florida traffic laws in order to improving road safety in Brevard County.

Additional information on pedestrian and cyclist safety is available at

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