The hubless wheels of this Tron-inspired Tesla e-bike exude drag-racing character

What do you get when a Tron bike mates with a Tesla e-bike? It must be that stunner designed for straight-line speed.

While my analog may not go well with a few, let’s stick with the design aspect of the Dust Tesla concept electric motorcycle designed by Nazar Eisa. Draped in an all-metal finish, the bike is destined to have traveled back in time from the dystopian future. The clean geometric lines and definitive aero construction will put most other Tesla concept bikes to shame. It’s so sexy!

The Dust Tesla’s long wheelbase defies structural stability, but hey, it’s arrived from the future, where technologies are definitely beyond our comprehension. Those hubless wheels and e-bike swingarm evoke a sense of dynamism that’s hard to miss. The crisp lines that flow from the front of the bike to the rear bring a deep sense of the superhero’s favorite sidekick feel at first sight.

The designer models the e-bike in two variations – one in a full black hue and the other contrasting with a silver finish and matte black inserts to give overall depth to the design. I still can’t get over the long wheelbase that hints at the bike’s drag racing character. Ground clearance is quite low, in fact so low you’ll struggle to slip through a ledge of paper below. So don’t expect it to hit the twisty tracks of the Moto GP calendar.

Just imagine the Dust Tesla parked next to your Cybertruck in the mansion garage. When night falls, you take it out for a drive on the highway, as the wind chops your hair. It goes without saying that this Tesla concept bike will be every car enthusiast’s dream. Now if you pinch me, I want to come back to reality and stop dreaming about riding this beautiful monster on the outskirts of my town!

Creator: Nazar Eisa

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