The new Burlington store is the latest development in the upgraded Tanglewood Mall area

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) – Burlington opened Friday at Tanglewood Mall. The department store is part of a larger development plan for Roanoke County.

“We are very excited to be opening here in this community because we are excited to be part of the growth and development in this area,” said store manager Jodie Byrd.

Growth and development of the Tanglewood area has been ongoing since 2015.

“Tanglewood is undergoing a transformation,” said retired Roanoke County economic development officer Jill Loope. “It’s a metamorphosis, so to speak.”

Roanoke County is upgrading the Tanglewood Mall area with new businesses and developments.

“Tanglewood is a huge asset to the community, it’s our anchor in the 419 corridor, it’s our downtown here in Roanoke County,” Loope said. “Shopping centers are undergoing transformation across the country. They try to find their way in the communities where they serve.

The county is also improving area transportation plans. The Deputy Director of Planning explained that there had been more than $60 million in funding for the improvement of surrounding roads.

“We spent a lot of time focusing on this area, trying to improve traffic flow and laying the groundwork for improvements for pedestrians and bicycles, because people want to be able to get around the area without having to drive. in their car,” Megan Cronise said.

Some of the plans include rebuilding the diamond interchange at 419 and 220, adding a mall bus stop, and adding crosswalks. Construction of the interchange is expected to start in 2024.

“Through these improvements that we have initiated, we are helping to make it easier to enter and exit the mall without too many traffic jams,” Cronise said.

With major brands, like Burlington, moving to Tanglewood, Roanoke County expects other businesses to follow suit.

“They will see that Burlington has moved here, so I think it will help attract other retail businesses who will see this as a good place to invest,” Byrd said.

The next businesses to come to Tanglewood are Popeye’s and Chili’s restaurants. Both are expected to open in 2023.

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