The new Seat Mó 125 Performance breaks two world records

The new Seat Mó 125 Performance, an incoming sports variant of the brand’s innovative electric scooter, has set two new Guinness World Records for the longest distance traveled by an electric motorcycle.

Seat Mó’s next model has reached its records after undertaking a series of endurance tests in relay team and solo format at the Zuera International Circuit in Zaragoza, Spain.

Over the two days of racing, the relay team covered 1,430 km (888 miles) in 24 hours, a distance similar to that from Barcelona to Helsinki, Finland. Journalist Valerio Boni traveled 1158 km (719 miles) in 24 hours of driving with the same Seat Mó electric scooter. In total, the team traveled 2588 km (1608 miles).

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Seat’s new model will be unveiled tomorrow (November 8) at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan.

The world records were led by Seat Mó quality manager Quim Martinez and micromobility technical director Dani García. The Seat Mo team took up the long-distance challenge to “present the excellence of its new urban scooter”.

Seat MO boss Lucas Casanovas says the record-breaking electric scooter “will soon be seen on the streets”.

He added: “At the same time urban and sporty, resistant and agile in all circumstances, the excellent performances of the Seat Mó 125 Performance in the two record feats are the result of continuous and meticulous work in R&D and Quality to further develop product since the launch of the previous version two years ago”.

In the relay test of the new Seat Mó, the firm broke the record for the first 24 hours of driving, covering 1430 km (888 miles) – more than double the distance of the previous Guinness World Record.

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Five cyclists took turns riding the bike each time the battery was changed every 50 minutes. The team consisted of Seat’s Ivo Viscasillas, journalist Judit Florensa and drivers Cristian Marín, Miquel Viñola and Jordi Gené.

Once the team had completed the first 24 hours, they handed over to Italian journalist Valerio Boni, who drove the same Seat Mó 125 Performance as used on the relay record.

Boni covered 719 miles (1158 km) after 24 hours of solo riding, with short stops to change batteries just over an hour and occasional 40-minute breaks.

“These two Guinness World Record titles demonstrate the reliability of electric technology and in particular of the Seat Mó 125 Performance, which we will soon be presenting at the EICMA international motorcycle show,” said Seat Mó boss Casanovas.

“We will be attending this major two-wheeler event for the first time with a lot of optimism, having reached a milestone that had never before been reached by an electric scooter.


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