The Pinkbike Racing Podcast: Episode 1 – It’s All Downhill From Here

Welcome to the Pinkbike Racing Podcast, our new downhill focused podcast.

This year, with the launch of our World Cup Racing Team, we will be attending every race possible and aim to give you a responsive and fast-paced insight into life between the gang, as well as in the pits. The podcast will feature me, Henry Quinney and Mr. Ben Cathro. Not only does Ben manage the team, but he is also part of the race. As Ben’s mechanic, I’ll be with you on the journey.

March 23, 2022

It’s all downhill from here!

Over the course of the season we will record this podcast the day after the race and aim to release it soon after. Our goal is to do it on the road, in Ben’s van, and give an honest, genuine review of the race. We’ll also be calling on characters from the tour to hear their thoughts and feelings on the past weekend. Yes, it will be relevant to Pinkbike Racing, but we also aim to go where the story takes us and introduce important and essential people you may know less about.

I can attend all these international races because I will be Ben’s mechanic this season. This means that I will have access to all events, as well as new technologies available. We are able to make this possible while protecting my editorial freedom by not taking a salary from the team budget. Instead, I’m still part of the Pinkbike tech team, and my expenses to do so are funded through the Pinkbike/Beta/Outside membership model. It also has the added benefit that we can direct more of the budget towards the riders, their salaries and getting as much performance as possible. If you like this approach and want to hear the unfettered opinions of a touring tech editor, please consider becoming a beta subscriber.

We’ll be doing the first few episodes on our normal Pinkbike Podcast channel as a preview, but eventually we’ll be moving The Pinkbike Racing Podcast to its own channel. And full disclosure, at some point we will be reserving the full episodes of the Pinkbike Racing Podcast for members only. This will help balance the books and ease the burden on the tech team paying an editor who somehow even does less work than Levy.

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