These bike locks will help keep your bike secure no matter where your adventures take you

Ah, the simple padlock. Reminiscent of school locker rooms and garden sheds, this device is as simple as security can get. Though they’ve been defeated time and time again, whether via hammer, bolt cutters, or superior mechanisms like the U-Lock, we still like to buy them – for the nostalgia, value, and peace of mind. spirit. But hey: while we wouldn’t recommend using locks alone to protect your bike from thieves, there’s definitely a time and place for them.

If you are in a low crime area, usually leave your bike alone for a few minutes at a time and/or lock your bike in an already secure area, locks may be the right device for you. If you’re looking to buy a new one to use as a security measure when running errands or grabbing a bite to eat, consider one of these top-selling, top-rated padlocks you can buy right now on Amazon.

The Best Bike Locks on Amazon

What to consider

Padlocks are an inexpensive way to lock your bike, but we don’t recommend using them for overnight stays or in high crime areas. If you’re on a quick errand and don’t want to entice a bike thief into taking your lonely ride, a lock and some cable or chain setup could very well give you some peace of mind. However, be careful when using a padlock, as it is best suited as a short-term security solution. Many thieves can break the shackle of a padlock using a bolt or wire cutter, or even a hammer or drill.

If you’re looking for a harder way to lock, look for padlocks that have shackles or low shackles heights that are hard to break with physical attacks. Also consider grabbing a U-lock that can fit your bike frame and lock a wheel in place. Better yet, use a combination of locking mechanisms for the ultimate thief deterrent – the more locks you have, the more annoying it is for a burglar.

How we rated

To find the best padlocks on Amazon, we referenced various websites, such as Reviewed, LockPickingLawyer, and Bob Vila, to find the most frequently recommended products in various security, weight, and value categories. We also checked our own gear test guide for the best bike locks. We prioritized products with protected shackles, as well as disc-shaped locks that are more difficult to break under common physical attacks. We’ve sifted through hundreds of Amazon user reviews, as well as product reviews found on competitor sites, to find the best padlocks the market has to offer.

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