This hilarious video will absolutely convince you to buy an electric bike

As e-bike sales have hit record numbers lately, fewer people need a lot of persuasion to get out of a car and onto a fun, energy-efficient e-bike. But for the few people scratching their heads and wondering what the fuss is about, this video is for you.

The 5-minute video is technically clever marketing from Trek Bikes, although the company has admirably taken a very light touch on the brand.

I would call the video rather a short film on the Internet.

Either way, the team at production company and sketch channel IFHT Films knocked this one out of the park.

The video follows our protagonist as he seeks success and happiness in his life. Having found the former, he searches for the latter as he resumes cycling, only to remember that sweaty hills ruin much of his cycling joy.

As he gets passed by an e-MTB rider who pedals much easier uphill, he realizes that e-bikes are the future. And that’s not even the end. There’s comedy, there’s heartbreak, there’s even a bit of philosophical reflection. I won’t spoil the ending, but the hilarity ensues throughout the journey and it’s worth the watch.

Check it out yourself below.

The premise of the video is of course comedic, but that doesn’t mean it’s not realistic either.

Here on Electrek, we’ve talked a lot about how easily e-bikes can replace car trips. Just as the hero of the video takes epic rides to do mundane things like buy groceries and diapers, millions of people around the world are replacing car trips with fun rides on an e-bike.

And the number is only increasing. Last year, e-bike sales skyrocketed.

While this explosive growth in e-bike adoption has not been without its challenges, e-bike users around the world are helping to improve cities by reducing both pollution and congestion.

There are of course those who can’t replace a road trip with an e-bike, but anyone who does makes things better for all of us.

Personally, I cycle around town almost exclusively riding e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-motorcycles. My wife and I rented a car to drive a four hour vacation this winter, but otherwise we mostly get around town on my two-seater NIU electric scooter.

And while Trek is poking fun at lower budget e-bikes a bit, cheaper options are making e-bikes accessible to more riders than ever before. At the same time, high-end e-bikes like those made by Trek are also helping to expand the market for more durable and reliable everyday use e-bikes.

Nowadays, there is an electric bike for everyone. And if you’ve been considering trying one out as a way to leave your car in the garage or get more exercise, then there’s never been a better time!

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