This racing bike + city shuttle is the eco-friendly ride that Batman would love!

Driving around a velodrome track at a speed of 60 mph is certainly thrilling, but if that same thrill is brought to the city streets or to the outskirts of the dwelling, then it has its own adrenaline rush. . Taking a detour from the usual bicycle design, Prototype 0 designed by Gaetano De Cicco gives wings to the imagination in the form of a two-wheeled bike designed for speed and pure riding pleasure. If your memory serves you, Gaetano is the same designer who came up with the crazy idea of ​​a faceless robotic dog that made your eyes spin a few months ago.

Called Prototype 0, this velodrome track racing bike designed for speed enthusiasts shines with its unibody design focused on drag reduction and aerodynamic optimization for maximum acceleration with minimum effort. The prototype’s ultra-thin profile helps achieve as little aerodynamic drag as possible, which is ideal for effortless daily commutes. The bike is a fixie – a single speed bike designed for city riding for added control. Don’t expect it to be this good for steep climbs or rough terrain as it is purely designed to be a racing demon for smooth tarmac surfaces. The presence of a larger driveshaft means that control will be the highlight of the ride.

While I imagine this bike is just more than just a race track ride, it’s still completely optimized for a race track skirmish. Plus, this matte black color theme is so Batcycle-worthy – I’ll even go so far as to call it the Batcycle of the bike world. That said, Gaetano’s design somehow fails to explain how this idea came about, and some things like the retractable pedal design are still unclear as they are only visually present – minus any explanation as to how. they orient themselves in a vertical position when driving.

Creator: Gaetano De Cicco

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