This viral image with an ‘invisible’ bicycle wheel will leave you scratching your head

The internet is a place with a plethora of interesting puzzles, pictures and videos. Some of them often leave netizens scratching their heads. One such similar case has been revealed, featuring an image of a bicycle with an “invisible” wheel. Puzzle enthusiasts are losing their minds over the viral photograph that shows the bike upright “without the front tire”. You must be thinking that the image may have been clicked while the cycle was being repaired. Well, it’s not.

Warning: spoiler alert

Posted on Reddit last week, the photo shows the mountain bike standing in the mud on its rear tire with “no front tire” in sight. You wonder how? The front of the bike is not missing, in fact, the front wheel is intact in its place. We recommend that you review the photo carefully and notice the mud-covered tire. The wheel is so well covered in mud that it blends perfectly with the muddy bottom, leaving netizens puzzled.

Finding it amusing, a Reddit user commented on the post: “Invisible tire. If you ride it, you’ll feel like you’re floating with a bike frame (at certain angles only).

A troubled puzzler said: ‘I don’t know why I was looking for 2 front tyres’, while a third wrote: ‘There are no tyres.’

After further introspection, one of the social media users commented, “Just under the forks where the top of the tori are, there are two (rather) parallel lines where the mud is not stuck on the tires. That’s how I understood.”

The post also prompted some users to recount their experiences. “As a rider, I usually find it confusing that the tires are nicely cured, but there aren’t any on the downtube or frame bag straps. It’s magic mud…because every time my tires look like this…several other areas do too,” one avid social media user said.

The now viral post has garnered hundreds of upvotes since it was shared online.

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