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99 years ago in 1923

Warren and most of the Mahoning Valley made their slow way through the densest morning fog in many months. Trams, buses and automobiles were running slowly and thousands of workers were late arriving for work as transport was only at a snail’s pace.

The density of the fog was so great that it was impossible to travel even at moderate speed. Accidents were few and none were serious. Had the fog been lighter, more accidents would have occurred, police said.

In some places the fog was swirling. Spinning with the earth as its axis, the moisture-laden atmosphere swirled again and again in a sort of lazy Maypole dance.

Fog set in overnight and did not lift for 12 hours.

50 years ago in 1972

More than 300 enthusiastic cyclists participated in the Anti-Drug Peddlers Bike Hike, which raised nearly $500 for a Warren-Howland Drug Education Council campaign.

The bike ride, held along an eight-mile route of East Market Street between Courthouse Square in downtown Warren and Howland High School, attracted mostly young people, but there were plenty of elderly people and families. Almost all made it the full route, despite a constant threat of rain during the hike.

There were no traffic control or security difficulties and the American Red Cross, which provided emergency first aid, said it treated only one person for bruising.

25 years ago in 1997

Elton John’s new single, “Candle in the Wind 1997”, a tribute to the late Princess Diana, lined up outside record stores.

“It was pretty amazing” said Earl Swegan, Waves Music store manager at the Eastwood Mall. “We’ve had between 700 and 1,000 phone calls over the past two days from people wanting a copy of the song.”

Swegan said he became slightly alarmed when his shipment did not arrive on time.

“We had people sitting outside the store for hours waiting for us to pick them up,” he said.

He finally received the 250 compact discs and 210 cassettes, priced at $3.49 each in the afternoon.

Warren’s Marvel Gibbs was one of many Princess Diana admirers who were happy to finally get their hands on the song. She came back four different times before finally giving up for the day.

“I was waiting for it” she said clutching her tape the next afternoon. “It’s a beautiful song, and it was a beautiful woman.”

10 years ago in 2012

The Hartford Apple Festival had just about everything a community festival would have – lots of food, rides and games for the kids…and arm wrestling?

That’s right, arm wrestling for women and men.

“It just takes everything you have; struggling, trying to get your best move, said John Whitman, the 21-year-old Hartford player who won the 150-pound-or-under right-handed open class.

“You can’t let go for a second because the other guy is going to take advantage.”

Inside the trend that had the square dancing ahead of the start of the double-elimination tournament on Sunday, the participants, when their names were called, shook hands and tried mightily – some shouted and groaned in trying to summon their full power – to defeat their adversary.

The matches, for the most part, ended quickly.

— Compiled from the archives of the Tribune Chronicle by Allie Vugrincic.

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