Tonight at the Curiosity Club: Painting a Bike Frame with Chris King’s Ben Falcon

Core77’s Hand-Eye Supply is extremely pleased to welcome Ben Falcon, the Frame Set Painter for Chris King Cielo Bikes to the Curiosity club. The conference begins at 6 a.m. at the Hand-Eye Supply store in Portland, OR. Come early and check out our space or check in with us online for the live stream!

Ben Falcon
“Painting a Bike Frame: A Technical Process” Tuesday, June 12 6:00 PM PST
Hand-eye feeding
23 NW 4th Ave Portland, OR, 97209

Ben Falcon’s presentation will detail the technical process involved in preparing, masking, staining, cleaning and polishing steel, titanium and carbon fiber bicycle frames (focusing primarily on steel). Starting with a raw frame, it will relate the necessary surface work, masking, sanding and cleaning needed to prepare the frame for priming. While discussing the primer application process, Ben will detail the intricacies of spraying with an HVLP gun and how it differs for each subsequent coat. The mixing process of each component will also be discussed. About spraying the different colors after primer, a vinyl masking demonstration for decals and other visual details on the frame will be included. Applying a clear coat (usually the most demanding step in the process) prevents the final buffing and polishing of a frame before shipping. Physical samples and interactive examples will be provided where possible.

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